March 31, 2011

Brokun Mindz 10 Year Anniversary

"breaker breaker 1-9..."

What a great way to start a blog.. 10 years ago! I can't be believe it's officially 10 years since we started Brokun Mindz as of March 27, 2001. We initially used it as a way of keeping in contact with each other and just type out random messages. Through the years I remember seeing photos posted such as Wes' Bilbo Baggins animated .gif, video blogs (vlogs) by Danny, and me discussing Glenn's Kidflare account getting hacked and removed from Asian Avenue then succeed to get him reinstated.

Do you guys have any memories to share on here? Still unbelievable to see our footprint on the internet and how it has changed since 2001.

"I wonder if there'll be ICQ on cell phones"
-Johann 2007

January 27, 2010

Powerhouse Studios dotCA

What up fools balls? Me and Glenn had the craziest foozeball game yesterday. It's rare that I ever beat him, cuz he's hardcore at fooz, but yep yep yep, i won.

We play best-of-three. Here are the scores:
Game 1
Wes: 9
Glenn: 8
Game 2
Wes: 0
Glenn: 9
Game 3
Wes: 9
Glenn: 8

As you can see, he shut me out in game 2. That doesn't happen too too often, not like back in the day, but it does still happen. Me winning the series doesn't cancel out his shut-out, but it takes away from it a little, i think.
So I brought up the foozeball game because the first thing I typed was "What up fools", and fools rhymes with fooz. No one really posts on here, so I was kinda strapped with the words. I don't even know why I'm posting on here, cuz I can see the tumble weeds and hear the blowing prairie winds and the crickets chirping up in this, but I figured the readers might be ready to read some readings already. Plus it's Work Wednesdays anyhoot.
PHS is going on. Someone recently posted "hello?". I love those posts, cuz it shows how confused people are when they land on it. Lately it's been a video embedding page. I heard there's a new layout. Who knows when fruition will take place. dotPH is one of the latest additions to the PHRoll. It's going to be an independant, filipino driven, x-rated site. And PHouse is down at the moment. I gotta make it cross-browser compatible.
Anyway, that's the news and I'm sticking to it.
Peace on planet earth. Don't be racist.

November 27, 2008

mga sirah ulo

hoy! ano ba? kmusta na kayo? ako, okay lang dito. nakakatuwa si johann. ginawa nyang bagong layout at url sa brokun mindz. ang tagal tayo hindi nag popost sa blog nito. limang taon!! shiiiitttt. talagang fucked up yoon. sabi nya, dapat ilagay natin ng gimik na araw araw, para alamin koong saan galeng ng mga utak natin.
ako muna: birthday ni danny ay bukas. uumpisan namin ng celebrasyon sa vibe night club. sya at si kuya russell, wala silang pasok bukas. tanginang lucky talaga. ako meron, pero mag paparty ako, syempre. bukas inuman ulit sa tavern mcphillips. siguro laseng si danny doon. kekekeke. ok, yoon lang. wala na akong masabi. to quote ronnie: "alam mo sasabihin ko!? alam mo ba ng sinasabi ko!? do you know what i'm saying!?".

hey! what's up? how are you all? me, im ok over here. johann is very funny. he made a brand new layout and url for brokun mindz. we haven't posted on this blog in so long. five years!! shiiiittt. that's totally fucked up. he said, we should post what we are up to day-to-day, so we know where our brains have been at.
me first: danny's birthday is tomorrow. we're starting the celebration at vibe night club. him and brother russell don't have work tomorrow. totally fuckin lucky. i do, but i'm gonna party still, obviously. tomorrow, more drinking again at tavern mcphillips. for sure danny is going to be drunk there. hahahaha. ok, that's all. i don't have anything else to say. to quote ronnie: "do you know what i'm saying!?".

January 29, 2003

it's 12:36 in the am on my end.. and i'm insanely bored as well.. and i'm stuck with two browsers at the moment as well.. wow.. look at this.. me on bmz and another on hotmail, requesting my password for blogger.. err.. soo much for surprising wes.. it is 2003.. what happened to us?.. too old for the net?.. too old that we have fixed mindz?.. here's the list of things i'm working on:

­• postage on this site.. check.. but still goin to remind mark to use that laptop of his to post as well..
• don't even get me started on this layout.. cuz there's none!.. we should get something done about this.. there's the msn conference!.. check
• i guess we'll talk about it soon..
• oh.. the fun's just begun.. no it hasn't..

wow.. i actually posted on bmz.. sucks to be YOU!

"yo.. yao says:
son of a gitch
yo.. yao says:
i forgot my username for blogger
yo.. yao says:
and i was goin to surprise you with a post
chron trigga says:
really? hold up..
chron trigga says:
u used
yo.. yao says:
i did.. do you know my username?
chron trigga says:
chron trigga says:
it doesnt tell me that part.."
chron trigga = wes
yo.. yao = me

once again.. thanks wes

January 15, 2003

ok dudes.. its 217 in the am.. i am hella bored.. wanna play? im trying to remember back in the olden days when this was the coolest.. i swear, i'd open up two browsers.. one for aa, and one for bm.. im getting bored on the net.. lets do something productive.. its 2003! come on..'s a list of things i think we should do:

  • bring back the postage.. this includes mark since he's got his lappy now..
  • get this lay out sweetened up.. it needs a making over.. come on yobot, nelsonar, were not doing anything anyway.. lets have an msn conference.. this is important..
  • get a real domain name.. its cheap..
  • have some fun..

k, i felt like a major cheerleader there.. but i dont give a, if thats what i gotta be called to get this ball rolling, then so be it.. come on, i need an URL to put when i sign up for forums..'s getting old.. k, peace..

"it'll pick up soon tho (i hope)"
nelsonic from the last post.. your hopes are coming true..

October 29, 2002

i remember this time when things used to get posted remember those days too, eh?

so yeah things are going well with the brokun mindz crew.........everybodys just too busy to'll pick up soon tho (i hope)


-the sound of my new cell......

September 24, 2002

i remember we were at boston pizza when nin-glendo and yoplait were making fun of me because i read the same webcomic as some nerdy guy in their class.. u know.. penny arcade.. well you know me, im the lover of text and reading.. so sue me.. this is an excerpt from a rant about PC peeps makin fun of console gamers all because starcraft: ghost is only available on consoles..

I am completely astonished by the stupid crap I've had to tolerate regarding this Ghost thing. As often as not, it's a clumsy segue into some screed about consoles or PCs which I'm sure sounded very smart when you wrote it. It is the sterling, unerring quality of this discourse that has inspired today's comic, in fact. I have neither the time nor the energy to disabuse you these notions, which have apparently dismantled the whole of your mental apparatus. If you've been avoiding consoles because you see them as childish, while you yourself are a man of erudition who only deigns to use a machine befitting your elevated intellect, there is no way for me to describe to you how far off-base you are. You can't even see the base from there. You're looking around, but you can't find it. Where's the base?

No online play on consoles? No innovation? Those aren't simply false, they're criminally negligent. They do not even resemble reality. Don't send us anymore hatemail about this garbage, as it has the opposite of your intended effect. It is a sweet odour to us, like an offering. We forward them to each other and laugh at you, we trade your worst moments in joy and exultation. So, keep shaking that tiny fist! From here, it looks like a puppet show.

funny? no? well fuck off then..

"i am a wood elf"
-morrowind's slazer-