January 15, 2003

ok dudes.. its 217 in the am.. i am hella bored.. wanna play? im trying to remember back in the olden days when this was the coolest.. i swear, i'd open up two browsers.. one for aa, and one for bm.. im getting bored on the net.. lets do something productive.. its 2003! come on.. ok..here's a list of things i think we should do:

  • bring back the postage.. this includes mark since he's got his lappy now..
  • get this lay out sweetened up.. it needs a making over.. come on yobot, nelsonar, were not doing anything anyway.. lets have an msn conference.. this is important..
  • get a real domain name.. its cheap..
  • have some fun..

k, i felt like a major cheerleader there.. but i dont give a, if thats what i gotta be called to get this ball rolling, then so be it.. come on, i need an URL to put when i sign up for forums.. bounce.to's getting old.. k, peace..

"it'll pick up soon tho (i hope)"
nelsonic from the last post.. your hopes are coming true..

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