August 03, 2001

It's time to ressurect the mindz.. so pick up the pieces and get the gears in motion..

"do you MIND"

April 29, 2001

hey hey guys.. talk to me, jesse catsopolous style.. DEEJ!! MOTION!! where RU!!!!

wesley saria sayas

April 26, 2001

holee.. anybody chek this nemore?? i haven't been here in a long fukkin time.. i think it's cuz.. THE THING DIDN'T WANNA WORK RIGHT!!! i'm gonna give this thing one more shot.. if it doesn't work.. then so be it.. brokun it was.. and brokun it shall remain!!! but yah.. what's up.. nuthin much wit me.. juss waiting for rusto's bday to roll around so that we can go to the park and much.. standin in line to get a free lunch.. sweedish.. i hope it is.. but i think that's all i'm gonna tippy tap on this page for now.. so i'll chek everybody later.. and c'mon.. update this thing once in awhile.. i need something to read!!!

"rewind the mind"

April 21, 2001

god daym its up N running again aint it? well.. i juss finished comin home from the uni.. juss wrote my last exam.. example of one of the questions:

1) Which of the following is a valid tag.
a)<IMG VALUE="sweetsweet.gif">
b)<GIF SRC="sweetsweet">
c)<IMG SRC="sweetsweet.gif">
d)<VALUE SRC="sweetsweet.gif">

there was some hard questions though.. but at least its all over.. sweet sweet!!! so yeah.. im at the foot of the hill of my educational horizon.. cat see over it right now... who knows whats on the other side.. alls i know is that.. hmm.. i dont.. k, later peeps.. suck it.


"bender of minds"

April 20, 2001

wowserz...i got a hair cut
yes, i cut my hair...april 19th...
but as for now...
happy 4:20
marijuana day
hitlers bday
simone's bday
anniversary to the columbine shootings...

"you blow my mind baby"

April 15, 2001

i've been absent frum this place for a bit.. but that's cuz this place fukks up a ton of times before it goes right.. but today.. today i want it to work fine.. i mean it's EASTER SUNDAY.. our savior has risen frum the dead!!! he's back.. and he's stronger than ever!! that's right evil!! Hide in the shadows frum whence you came.. for jesus has returned wit a vengence.. jesus and the easter bunny tag teaming on evil left and right.. so don't mess wit big J and eazy easter.. cuz they'll cap a halo on ur head and send you ur ass to narnia!! so peace to brokun mindz.. cuz i'm chillin wit jesus..

"it's all in my miggity mind"
deejesus [deej an jesus connection]

April 14, 2001

holy kanoly, grab ur fukkin rollies.. who's this? who's this? yep.. my computah computah is back.. surfin, tunin, playin, burnin.. yehyeah.. its all good now.. everything's back in order.. ahhh.. so comfy.. oh.. N deej.. remind me i gotta give u ur two pizzas u ordered off nick.. k, juss wanted to tell u peeps im back.. sweeezyy... peace..


"made up my mind"

April 07, 2001

man well i'm back.. almost game time.. let's doo this ppl time to get down to the former casa.. is it hype.. i'm thinking it is.. hahahhaha.. well i guess that's it frum me.. peace till nex time

"out of sight outta mind"
i think the motion needs the notion to get the mowin on the fro he's growing.. cuz it's gettin long like whoa!! well i juss woke the fukk up.. at 1:12 in the pm.. see that.. 112.. coincedence.. not even.. i planned it like that.. cuz i always wake up at either 1:12 or 7:02.. or ne other group that has numbers in it.. cept for blink 182.. cuz there is no 182 in time.. unless your brokun.. today is social day.. time to get social wit the ppl.. and hmmm.. i still ponder the mario combination.. i mean.. it's mario.. but i got nobody to be luigi my partner in crime.. so we'll juss see how that thing goes down.. ahhh well i should start to get ready and do some mall shoppy.. juss so i can look spiffy.. u know.. so i can jiffy pop on the dance floor hahahahah.. well yeah.. i'm gonna dance.. i haven't danced in awhile.. haven't drank in awhile.. haven't done social in awhile.. so now's the time to do it.. beleed dat!! so uh huh.. time to gizzo and do the shizzo for rizzo.. an it don stop.. ok guys.. chek u latez

"mindin my own business"

April 06, 2001

like fro like spikes...whaat?
wowserz...poo is splashing out of wes' ass...and hair is poofing and slashing out of my scalp...i wonder if i need a haircut?...hahahahahaha
social time tomorrow hey guys?...hey danno...are you pulling off mario combo?...wes...goin to rep your dance dance revo moves? know i'm pulling off dark hado...can't stop my dark art steez...

wow, i'm the first to show
"visions from a brokun mind"

April 05, 2001

congratulations wes! u have a wonderful, healthy, 8 pound 4 ounce, baby poo. sheey.. im mad emptied.. light on my toes.. i feel like someone pumped mad helium in my ass.. like dan does to glenn... except replace helium with deej's cock.. but seriously.. im catchin all the grounders u can hit to me.. look at me! diving.. veering.. careening.. sheesh.. im feelin quite spex.. so yah.. juss wanted to fill u guys in on some of that acksh.. ok.. ive written enough for one day.. i'll see ya'll majors lazer.


"i dont mind"
shit... thats the magic word rite now.. i'll let u know why in a bit.. i gotta build up to it first.. here goes... dont u guys think the net is truly addicting? true or what? i mean.. lets say ur at home N ur saying, "k, im gonna go make some food" or "im gonna work out some" or "i feel like writing an essay just for fun" but u end the sentence with.. "k, first im goin online for a bit".. i notice i hop online N all my scheduled appointments are pushed back because im held up.. i tell ya.. this internet thing is a finger/eye drug.. shit eh? N now that ive told u the deals.. i'll let u on the reasoning behind the magic word.. i gotta take an angry ass shit but im being held up by this online shiznito.. cragg.. its driving me bananas.. i had Mr. Brown scheduled for 445pm today N its 600pm.. holy smokeroonies.. ok.. im talking like this cuz its comin out.. i cant hold it in much longer.. im standing on my chair while i type.. i swear to God almight i am.. ok.. i'll be back in an hour.. slazer signin off. k, poose.

"altering my mind"
hey guys.. well aa is mad slow.. total bunk.. cuz i was in the zone for an update.. and i was horribly denied.. well then.. i guess brokun mindz gets my update instead.. so what'd i do today.. hmm woke up around the lunch time and chatted wit office slazer on his lunch break.. then woke up and did some exercises.. and now i'm feeling pretty fit.. so watch out ppl.. i'm fit!!! don't mess wit my fitness or i'll have to demonstrate some cardiovascular action on ur ass!!! and now i sit and listen to music while i chat wit the ppl.. and i got an hour before work i guess.. and it's a nice day outside.. i prayed for the sun and i got it.. i love god!! well that's it i guess.. time to bathe an get dressed

song of the moment: biz markie - you got what i need

yes that's the song of the moment.. ooohhh baby you got what i need.. but u say he just a friend.. hahahaha.. oohhh shnap!!

"bussin rymes frum a brokun mind"
i never seen a true glimpse of father sayas live in my gotta post a pic some day wes...



April 04, 2001

attention everyone.. father sayas has left the building! so yeah.. i got to watch it.. pretty frizzin hilarious.. too bad he died.. he was a wonderful artist.. and to glenn.. i didnt know he was until now, either.. weird how u think u know someone.. hahaha... ok.. thats all.. peace natives.. see ya lazer.


"misplacing my mind"
well well well.. lookie here... its the slaze-tastic, funk-drastic, E-lastic brotha on the block.. well. havent cramped fingers on this bulsh in like who knows how long.. here it is.. great changes boys.. great.. i'll try N keep up to date now.. so yeah.. i havent seen the vid yet.. i'd do it rite now but rite now my playlist is Freddie Aguilar... so what does that tell u? yep.. u guessed it.. father sayas is pullin HQ.. so yeah.. once he leaves or maybe in a bit i'll be sure to chek the vid.. as for that pop up ad.. congrats on the skills flareon.. man.. this homeboy can push mouse buttons like a muff eh? sheesh.. ok.. well.. im gonna be hittin the uni tonite cuz i got more homework than a grounded steph tanner.. so i'll chek ya guys later with the sweet sweet.. k, lazer.


"breaking my mind"
ok well ppl i'm back.. and there's soo many changes.. brain banner.. funky font's.. it's pretty neat.. i did not make any of it.. it's all motion man.. the only think i fukkin add to this page is my text.. ooooo fukkin text like it's soo awesome.. bitch.. well then.. it's late.. time to turn up the slow jams and relax on the couch.. bsb feat danny g in sleepmode.. nice.. latez

"sleeping with a brokun mind"

April 03, 2001

ok well i seen the whole thing that motion lotion and his bro put up.. and yes it's very funny ha ha ha.. thanx guys.. juss wait till i ghost ride my bike straight into your crotch.. now that's gonna be funny.. soo funny.. i'm gonna laugh till i have abs!!! no one is safe now motion man.. second pop up box.. don't kill it.. watch it ppl and see the creation of the motion man... then you will understand why i have to cut off their eyelids and blow dust in their eyes.. yes.. ok that's it.. seriously.. i'm not that mad.. but still.. expect some sort of violent attack

"havoc of a brokun mind"
um, just wanted to posts glenn's [kidflare's] if you see that second pop-up not, i repeat, do not kill it..., i did not complete a new layout for our page...i finished a short real media video on danny ghanja himself should swing by danny's after work wes and check it out...funny ha ha he he stuff...or i'll hook you up on icq tomorrow...

what did you think of it danny?...i think my production team [consisting of myself jo and glenn] did a great reinactment of your vivid lifestyle...hahahahahaha...whaat??...
none of that pumping kills...

well, i see that the hits are just coming in...and i know it as a fact...cuz of our new hit counter...
i wonder what else we need...
wes, dan...hook me up with your addresses to your live cams and a pic that you want to use on this blog...i'll do the rest

"deciphering all that devours a brokun mind"

i have no idea what to write for that...just biting danno...i guess i'm the memory of our brokun mind...whaat?

April 02, 2001

well i got no work today hahahha.. lucky me.. i'm at hq and i'm wondering whatz goin down.. what is goin down ppl.. let's do some damage.. c'mon slazer put on some pants and let's doo this.. he's taking forever to get dressed.. fukk man.. ok that's it.. time to do some work!!!

well i'm back.. wrestlemania was truly majestic.. i thought ppl died but they didn't which was really good.. cuz i don't wanna see anymore wrestlers die.. unless they fake die and come back on the next episode.. so yah.. now i'm juss looking for some songs to dload so i can finally rest and get some shut eye.. some nice slow jams to end the evening.. if u guys got any sugggestions.. post them..

"piecing together a brokun mind"

ps thanx to nele for the spellchekker assist

April 01, 2001

holee.. well i dunno what'z goin on..nobody has contacted me.. so if any of u guys see this.. contact me.. i juss wanna see if this whole "contact me" thing works.. i mean.. isn't that what this thing can be used for to.. not juss to tell stories frum our minds... but also contact ppl who need to be contacted.. like me.. i know i could juss fone u guys to see what's goin on.. but i gotta find out if this whole "contact thing" works hahahahah.. oh yeah.. u know.. it's juss one of them days too.. u know.. ughhh.. so what is the plan..

1. wrestlemania

are those the choices we have.. "contact me" if there are any new additions.. hahahah.. new additions.. not edition.. cuz then that would be stupid.. and i would have been the april fool at the moment.. and i'm not gonna be fooled today.. not the deej!!!
u know whats shiznitty? sheesh... WOW.. thats rite.. world of wheels N were not there rite now.. shitty capritty... man.. i so wanted to see the beautes there. N plus i was supposed to get a haircut at 1pm today N the place is booked up til later in the aft.. lame-o.. completely lame-o.. hmmm... maybe we can pull enemy at the gate next week or whatever... thats whoever wants to go cuz im down with it.. it looks pretty sweet.. hey.. another thing.. R we pullin wrestlemania tonite? havent heard words yet but i guess were gonna hafta see about that.. its still pretty early.. even though it SHOULD be 321 rite now.. whatever though... if i see u.. get ready for an april fools trick on ur ass.. hardcore...
i ate meat last night...APRIL FOOLS!!!!...
no, honest to got i ate meat...hahahahaha
did i trick you??...double timed you on the april fools...hahahahahaha
maaan, i just had to bah-on the wings from cue club last it...get ready for bed...wake up in an hour...get ready for work...lose a lot of memory...but work rocked...
stupid day light savings...april fools on me...
man we didn't even see a fukkin movie.. we went to cue club.. now i'm at home.. muthafukkin april fool!!

March 31, 2001

HEY!!! listen up!! we're gonna watch a movie tonight!!! contact me for info if u dont know the deals yet!!! come on!!! do it!!! aarrrgggghhhh!!!!
hmmm.. deej.. someone's pullin monica.. juss one of them days.. i know what u mean though.. but i guess that feelins over cuz ur headed over to my house rite now...
ps: its awesome how blogger is fast now eh? sheezy!!
do you ever feel like it's just one of those days.. you know when u wanna be alone? just one of those days.. when u want to be all alone? you know.. just one of those days....

March 30, 2001

that's some brainy shizz up there.. nice banner.. classic.. well that's it frum me.. who's next!!!!!
interview went sweet YB.. i am now employed..

March 28, 2001

i can't think up a name about tha-rompa-room?...and we can have a pic of danny with a mirror looking at all of us??...oh jeez...brainy shizz...that'll have to do for now...

how was your interview slaze?...