October 29, 2002

i remember this time when things used to get posted here........yeah.......you remember those days too, eh?

so yeah things are going well with the brokun mindz crew.........everybodys just too busy to post.......it'll pick up soon tho (i hope)


-the sound of my new cell......

September 24, 2002

i remember we were at boston pizza when nin-glendo and yoplait were making fun of me because i read the same webcomic as some nerdy guy in their class.. u know.. penny arcade.. well you know me, im the lover of text and reading.. so sue me.. this is an excerpt from a rant about PC peeps makin fun of console gamers all because starcraft: ghost is only available on consoles..

I am completely astonished by the stupid crap I've had to tolerate regarding this Ghost thing. As often as not, it's a clumsy segue into some screed about consoles or PCs which I'm sure sounded very smart when you wrote it. It is the sterling, unerring quality of this discourse that has inspired today's comic, in fact. I have neither the time nor the energy to disabuse you these notions, which have apparently dismantled the whole of your mental apparatus. If you've been avoiding consoles because you see them as childish, while you yourself are a man of erudition who only deigns to use a machine befitting your elevated intellect, there is no way for me to describe to you how far off-base you are. You can't even see the base from there. You're looking around, but you can't find it. Where's the base?

No online play on consoles? No innovation? Those aren't simply false, they're criminally negligent. They do not even resemble reality. Don't send us anymore hatemail about this garbage, as it has the opposite of your intended effect. It is a sweet odour to us, like an offering. We forward them to each other and laugh at you, we trade your worst moments in joy and exultation. So, keep shaking that tiny fist! From here, it looks like a puppet show.

funny? no? well fuck off then..

"i am a wood elf"
-morrowind's slazer-

July 29, 2002

thats funny nelson.. i was listening to it at school.. getting rave reviews from my classmates.. sweet.. the one with ron's kaibigan ko song is hilarious..
speaking of hilarious, its long weekend this weekend and were going camping.. im booked off, russ is booked off, not sure who else is down.. lots of camp sites are booked solid already but i talked to the birds hill park people via electronic mail and i might be able to get us two sites.. so yeah, if your reading this, and by you i mean nelson because your the only who posts on here, give your input on the whole birds hill idea and let the brokuns know if your going.. k, im going to eat some shrimp.. SHRIMP!!!!!

-wes' shrimp-

July 27, 2002

i posted the wav files from marks party online......click it!!

markus you sing like an angel

this is funny:

"it's getting cold in here, so put on all your clothes.....i am getting too cold i'm gunna put my parka on"
-nelly [ronnie chua remix]

July 26, 2002

thanks nelson.. my loneliness was killing me, britney-style.. those are some pretty sweet pics from marks party.. plugged it on my page.. now everyone should bring their cams tonight for some royal forkage.. if anyone is in the dark on this one, im flashing my slazerbeam at ya with some information.. royal forks tonight.. eating.. then whatever we do is whatever we do.. sweet? alright.. ok.. hahaha dicks enormous.. i get it.. good one.. k, see ya guys tonight.. the guy at the computer on the right side of me told me its going to be plus 30 so lets make the most of it.. k, buzz off.

"the name's sayas... wesley sayas"
-wesley sayas-

July 25, 2002

ha...look who's back

newayz...this is gonna be super short

Party Pics

and that's it.....

"my name is normous......dixie normous"
-dixie normous

July 15, 2002

To: The BM Staff
Subject: Beach Wednesday
From: Slazer 2000

hi guys.. this is slazer.. you know, the man with a brokun mind.. anyway, as you can see from the subject line there's supposed talk about some beach hits on wednesday morning.. weird eh? selkirk to be exact.. some girls planned this whole thing.. so far me N deej are going.. thats all i know.. anyone wanna sama (come along)? it'll be sweeter than jerry and ben.. plus 30, no clouds, not sure if there's gonna be any babes but who knows? its wednesday for pete's sake.. i heard wednesdays make chicks very very randy.. thats all.. yep.. thats my post.. a mock email simulation.. ok.. fuck off it.

"i was at home, now im here.."
-mark the slickster who uses movie-like lines to get chicks chua-

July 02, 2002

the beach was hilarious.. i actually got some sunburn for the very first time in my human life.. you know the canada tattoo? yep.. i washed it away and i now have a square of my previous colour on my arm.. it looks pretty cool.. ok.. brokun mindz is the best..

"wes, your so daaaark."
-Rex N.-

June 20, 2002


"stop throwing those babies around right now!"
- saver of children
guess who's back, back again, rusto's here, tell your prenz!

"i wanna kill you so much! for serious!"
- lazer death anderson

June 12, 2002

that's some crazy crab syndrome wes.. good thing you have things under control.. can you imagine someone else saying the same line, "OK, now once i get home i gotta take care of my little crab problem.".. but actually meaning it?.. how would he recover or respond?.. "oh snaps.. y'all know i have crabs now.. not the sealife creature kind.. i'm a living cesspool of pubic candy..".. i would smile.. then maybe cry.. can you imagine goin to a bomba (strip) show.. and seeing crabs all over the ladies crevices?.. talk about hello!.. happy birthday..

speaking of people who are 22 years speed.. dun ask.. pharoahs for coastal?.. i'm down.. i'm down for some camp action.. i'm soo down.. i'm camp lo.. luchini man.. hope it's nice that weekend.. cuz i heard it's goin to be tre bunk.. i can't stand the rain.. i can't stand shaq.. but L.A. is goin to win.. truth is.. i like both teams.. but new jersey is getting served for reals.. L.A. might be letting them get a win so they can finish it back home.. it'd be sweet if todd macculloch could bring home the nba champtionship trophy (does it have a name?) back to winnipeg.. that'd be a laugh..

what's not a laughing matter was that whole fiasco on mcphillips and logan.. hey wes.. danny.. were you guys working during that yesterday?.. man, i was really worried for you two.. i almost cried.. hahaha.. but seriously.. that's crazy.. never got to see it live and in color.. well i'm gone like mark being 21..

"look in the sky.. it's a bird.. it's a plan. it's really a fuckin plane that's goin to crash on us.. oh my god get outta the wa..!!"
-random people on mcphillips and logan yesterday

June 11, 2002


so im at polo park's Gap yesterday with kat looking for some leg-wear.. were browsing and browsing.. i find a pair.. i try it on.. they fit sweetin.. we browse some more and i say to kat in a voice of hearable volume:

"OK, now once i get home i gotta take care of my little crab problem."

well then.. 600 nanoseconds after i say the silent "." in that sentence, im replaying it again and im thinkin whoah.. thats not cool to hear, is it?


me N kat hit up taco bell to eat and were eating cheese burritos discussing business as usual.. how my hair is kinda long and parted now; what i should get her for her birthday; how the lady with crooked eyes dropped the table wiper towel on the ground and proceeded to wipe the tables.. u know, business.. so were all gettin our eat on and we decide to hit up polo.. we go through the safeway so we can hit up the bank and get to the mall entrance.. i need some fish food because my mom sillily spilled like 3 days worth of food in my tank.. i hop in Petland to grab some and i see some crazy looking crabs.. Fidler Crabs.. the guys with one arm thats big and the other thats small.. those guys.. so yeah.. i bought one for $6.09 and some shrimp pellets..

X-BOX DVD FAST FORWARD pressed 3 times for 32X speed

...im thinkin whoa.. thats not cool to hear, is it? so in quick-minded fashion and upped volume, im all, "yeah.. my new pet.. a fidler crab.. not the genital disease.. my pubics are fine. no itch in my gitch." good save, eh? i didnt say the last line though.. the itch-gitch ryhme.. just though of that now.. but i think it was still pretty bossin..


ok.. so my crab problem was really the issue of him getting some air cuz they dont just breathe water.. "Get out of town!" thats what i said to the cash dude cause man, crab equals water dwelling bandits.. so i get home and i drop him in my tank for like 2 minutes and he's all eating the food-covered ground with filipino hand-eating technique.. then he tries to climb the glass like a bat out of hell.. that doesnt make any sense but thats how crazy it was.. it looked like he was gasping for air.. insanity at its death.. i take him out and he's now sitting in a tupperware bowl with water and rocks and two shrimp pellets a day until i get him a sweet home alabama.. his name is Trevor.. that took me exactly 63 seconds to think of, from the Petland cash register to the centre of polo where we first signed up for our high speed videon cable.. name origin: back in elementary me and coast went to school with this one native guy who always had PBNS, post-bleeding-nose syndrome.. so yeah.. crusties on the nose 24/7, it was sick so i try to make sure to take the necessary precautions after bloody nose occurences to avoid PBNS and WIPE MY NOSE.. thats the only cure.. tissue.. ok.. so anyway, the guys name was Trevor Fidler.. need i say more?.. yeah.. alright.. enough of this.. im upgrading to win2000 at school so i'll be offline for a moments time.. til next time which is probably on SAT at Pharaohs.. mark's gonna get soooo drunk..


"somebody else do some damage here or there's gonna be some PBNS going around."

June 09, 2002

holee smokes.. i haven't been here in a long time.. how are things.. what's this talk about relapsed.com?? i've never heard of it before in my life.. i hope it's good.. it sounds kind of science-y.. like relapsed.com has something to do with people who relapse into comas or drug abuse.. well i'd like to wish Mark "the maverick" Chua a happy 22nd birthday.. 22 years of speed!!! My buddy Mark loves speed.. anything to do with speed.. he's a speed-a-holic.. just like to send out some birthday cheer to him.. hmm well then what else can i add.. since my last posting i've quit McDonald's and i've started working at Giant Tiger.. it's not a bad place.. slazer works there.. and he was recently crowned "Star of the Month".. whatta popular guy.. i'm not really sure on what you get when you become SotM.. maybe it's a case of yaffa blocks.. i could sure use a case of yaffa blocks.. they're hella handy around the house.. ok then.. i have nothing else to say..

"i'd love a case of yaffa blocks!!!"
deej thinking of yaffa blocks

June 06, 2002

ok guys.. just because the upcoming release of relapsed.com is growing nearer and nearer, doesnt mean we cant keep up the BM activity.. as for the little problem at my house with viewing this brokun site, the problem was that we were going to www.bounce.to/bmz.. thats a totally different site than our non-www site.. go fig.. so its mark's bday soon enough.. wonder what were doing? mark! whats the plan? come on party man.. oh.. a story for u fellows.. i was working right.. and as im coming out of the back room this chick goes up to me and says she needs a box of a dozen eggs.. that's 15 dozens.. so im all, ok.. no prob.. and i go to the back fridge and fetch a case.. i come back gripping the sides of the monitor-sized box for her.. now i know it probably wasnt on purpose and the fact that i got the side-grips going on doesnt help but when i handed her the box she pulls under-over grab technique which resulted in penis touch.. yep.. penis touch.. insanity.. ok.. thats my story.. nothing out of the ordinary but i thought it was post-worthy.. k, flip you.

"whoa.. i'd like a case of that action.."
master of the -over-under grab technique

May 28, 2002

this is pretty funny
for being gay looking sanrio stuff. im bored at school and judging by the atmosphere's appearance, i doubt were hitting the park today.. suck it, weather. suck it.

"no, you suck it. what a jerk."

May 25, 2002

You can consider the death of the dog verified. Saddest part? His last match was in Winnipeg.

So I read that guys review, and I thought I'd write a review of his review:

"Chuck Hartley is a reviewer with the Peer2Peer project. The host of his own site, the paradoxical sounding "Organized Anarchy", he starts off well, speaking positively on some of the site's specific posters. Unfortunately, it does seem to go downhill from there. The piece, while well-written, seemed to have it's own contradictions, or, if you will, turned into to a state of Organized Anarchy. He would contradict himself in saying that he would focus on the positives of the site, but then unveiled a laundry list of complaints. Some, of course, were absolutely valid, while others, specifically the complaint on the pop-up, were a bit rash. It SHOULD be mentioned somewhere on the page that not only are we "seven dudes from Winnipeg", but that we're "seven extremely poor dudes from Winnipeg with no money." So poor, in fact, that I can't just call us extremely poor, but that I also have to remind you at the end of the sentence that we have no money. Hell, clothes are a luxury. A site with no pop-ups is a fucking pipe dream. But overall, the piece was very well-written, and (hopefully) gave our moderators and designers something to think about in terms of improving our site. And believe me, all the feedback we get is appreciated. But, sadly, I'm inflicted with a disease that forces me to take any compliments I get and kick that compliment in the ass. With spiked sandals."

Yo likes the kid simply because he turns into Boba Fett. At least I hope that's why he likes him, and not because of his face, which is kinda ugly in that ugly sort of way. It's like when we saw Episode One and liked Jake Lloyd because we knew he'd become Darth Vader. It's not like he could act. "Let's try spinning, that's a good trick!!" I swear, when he said that, I had to repeat "He becomes Darth Vader, he becomes Darth Vader" like 8 times to stop myself from throwing the remote at the television. Or like how I like Jar Jar Binks because...

Look, it is my opinion that if you do something extremely stupid, you deserve to be laughed at. If your face is contorted, whether controllable or not, you deserve to be laughed at. If you have both a penis and large titties, you deserve to be laughed at. So I don't think you have anything to feel bad about, slay. That's a rule. If I had man-boobs and walked past someone who was laughing, I'd be like, "It's my titties, isn't it?" And if he said yeah, I'd be "Okay, fair enough." It's my fault for having titties. It's my fault for making/having this face. It's my fault for spilling a 2leets of 7up all over myself on a bus when two hot white girls are looking at us. So then I have to concede that I will be laughed at.

So, being single has it's upsides, but it also has it's downsides. Take last night. Everyone had someone to hang with all the time. You hang with the guys, then, if they're off doing something else, there's your girl. Or hang with your girl, if she's doing girly things with the other girls, you can hang with the guys. See, there were times I was roaming Lyn's house looking for someone to chill with. I found it most of the time. But the loneliness still lingers. "Alone? Is it me your looking for?" Wait, that's Hello, not Alone!! Dammit Lionel Richie, you've done it to me again!!

May 24, 2002

holy smokes.. a post from yo.. a post from mark.. thats downright loony i tell ya.. whats with all this wrestler-darkside business? thats weird.. speaking of wrestling, some guy from work told me that The British Bulldog died a couple days ago via a heart attack.. not sure if he's lying to me.. can someone please verify? BBD was awesome.. his super move of the the really hard power slam.. and he was effin huge.. a little too huge for comfort.. and if the rumors are true, then rest in peace bulldog.. end if..
dan was working yesterday and man, its weird cuz we always end up laughing at the same time like in the lunchroom or something cuz were the only ones who know whats funny to us.. observational funny.. like someone who has a weird face, or someone who stinks.. you guys know what im talking about.. your all at work by yourself.. chillin out.. then something funny happens and you crack up hardcore in your brain.. silently.. then you go home and tell your friends cuz it makes sense to them.. but man.. i feel like were a buncha jerks that laugh at everyone and everything out of nowhere.. or we have this hidden agenda or something.. there is no hidden agenda.. there is know visible agenda either.. its just if you spill the apple pie that your eating with your hands all over your shirt, well, your bound to get some laughs.. especially from a couple of guys that routinely laugh at that sort of thing..
oh shit.. i forgot to post this on here.. i was meaning to do it once this BM drought got rained on and here we are now.. so Brokun Mindz was reviewed.. by some guy named Chuck Hartly who hosts Organized Anarchy.. so here's his review.. he seems to love mark and his fantastic writing ability.. i wanna sign us up for P2P:part II.. maybe we can jazz this site up some more.. k, i gotta do some serious reading.. then i gotta do some schoolwork.. hazaah.. see ya'll punks later.. its the WEEKEND!!! toodles..

"hi.. im yoyo's favorite Attack character.. oh yes.. yes i am.."
-this stupid kid-

i cant believe you thought he was cool

May 23, 2002

how in the world did you find flexy lexy through rowdy girl mark?.. haha.. strange things in stranger places..
so yes, we reaped in the rewards that is star wars episode 2: attack of the clones last week.. wow.. i'm actually talking about it after how long?.. anyway.. i'll take yoda over hulkamania anyday.. like i've been saying.. yo who?.. it's all about yoda..

you'd think his force is a synch for the jedi master.. you know, to push away the fallen jedi from the column would be of help.. but he's such a bad ass.. and had to center his force to move the column slowy away instead.. and away from count dooku's get-away ship i might add.. what a bad ass.. bad ass!

anakin had his moments.. like kissing sexal padme.. and landing on top of her with his light saber if you know what i'm saying.. yeah.. but we can't forget about lucas' genius memory.. how he gave the same crap hand to anakin like darth vader, instead of a more modernized version for show.. stuck to his roots boy.. speaking of boy.. boy i haven't wrote here in quite sometime.. oh boy.. boy.. oh boy.. camron

i introduce to you.. darth glacidius..

and his indestructable sithronic kick

"anakin who?.. it's all about darth glacidius baby.. woot woot"
-janga and boba fett <-- stupid stupid boy clone

May 17, 2002

What's on tap for tonight, boys? I just got home from work, and I need to know whatcha gonna do. Saw Smackdown last night, and the crowd gave the Hulkster a 7 minute standing ovation. Hogan was crying. It was a pretty sentimental moment. Then he got on the mic, talking about how this was his dream world, and how he never wanted to wake up. Then, out of nowhere's-ville, he started talking about 9-11. It was kinda weird, like he was so overwhelmed by the applause that he started rambling incoherently. Then again, he is a Real American. And he'll fight for the rights of every man. When you hurt his friends, then you hurt his pride. Wow, Osama better hope that USA doesn't let Hulkamania run wild on Afghanistan, or else it's game over.

Can't wait for Attack of the Clones, man. Can't wait. Hearing Anakin's response to the comment, "You're NOT all-powerful" freaked me right out. In case you haven't seen the commercial, his response was, "Well I should be." Uh-oh. I'd think he was a lame-o trying to act tough if I didn't know he'd turn out to be Darth Vader. So the new Darth is Darth Tyrannus. So there's Darth Vader, Darth Maul, Darth Tyrannus. I already know what's gonna be on tap for Episode III. Yep, the natural progression to:

Darth Narcissist!!! Master of the Torture Rack! The force is strong in this one...

"Bring me Darth Narcissist.."
- Emperor Palpatine

May 16, 2002


yeah.. i cant watch it today cuz i have work tonight.. tomorrow i got work til 930.. hopefully u guys are sweet enough to wait til late to see it so i can tag.. come on.. doooo it..its the coolest..

"my people are dying senator."
-Natalie Sex Portman-

May 09, 2002

Wow, when was the last time I posted here? Son of a gitch it's been too long. So I have three straight days off, and those three days will be filled with fun, laughter and most likely absolute fucking boredom. But I did rent a tension breaker in the form of JET SET RADIO FUTURE!!! What a sexy game!!! I will NEVER, and I repeat NEVER doubt your word ever again Nelly!! And if I do, you can use this to cite precedence to make me not doubt your word. Jet Set Radio Future rules my world. If I hadn't already bought ESPN International Winter Sports and Genma Onimusha, I would so buy JSRF. It's got a crazy wicked soundtrack. So wicked it almost makes me want to listen to house beats all the time. But we'll let time deal with that.

So isn't this weather craptacular. I'm looking outside and I see the streets covered in snow. And just 31 hours ago, I was rollerblading outside. Fucking rollerblading!! I was all JSRF-style, grinding over benches and telephone poles and then now it's all snowing? WTF?!? May? Snow? With such confusion don't it make you wanna scream? Yeah, Michael and Janet. I remember when me, Wes, and David Kidd were at my house and we paused it at the part when Janet Jackson grabbed her titties and we left it there for like 20 minutes. Then we had to go to practise so I turned off the tv and forgot about it. When I got back it was still there. Sexy.

While we're (well, while I'm) on the topic of video games, check out this guy:

Pretty evil looking, huh? This is Project Ego, another fantastic game I'm pretty psyched about. So I've heard the level of detail is so crazy in this game, that if you decide to become a good guy hero instead of the sadistic raping motherfucker shown above, when you return to your hometown you're so loved that KIDS ARE COPYING YOUR FUCKING HAIRSTYLE!!! WTF!?! Madness! That's so crazy it's goes beyond 'not even funny' anymore. Mike Bullard is 'not even funny'. This is fucking insanity.

Okay, time for me to bizzounce. Wha? I've never used that word before! Shit. You know what I wish? I wish to hear this one day:

"The winner, and NEW World Wrestling Undisputed Champion...."

"The Master of the Toture Rack... LEX LUGER!!!!"

That would be a perfect world. No snow in May, and the belt on Luger.

"Who's the champ?"
- Lex Luger

April 30, 2002

well.. weather.ca is a taker-backer of statements.. yesterday i was prancing around all over claiming plus 28 degree weather this saturday.. spreading the joys of summer to everyone.. my post for today was supposed to be a gathering of warming harmony for, i dont know, burgers or something.. but nope.. weather.ca says its gonna be plus 13.. max.. no higher.. shitty dealers, man.. really.. and its partly cloudy, too.. how bullshit is that? slazer's not likin this one bit..

aside from that.. i will be reading a novel within the next month called "She Hates My Futon" by Craig Mitchell.. its funny.. ok, fuck off, im still madden2002'd by this weather.

-wpg birds-

April 23, 2002

yeah.. deej's party was nutso.. i think because of my body's vulnerabily during the battle of the alcoholic blood poisoning, i was invaded by some cold viruses that crazy messed up my master boot record and partition table.. yeah.. im sick too.. i was messed up galore.. lets just say i was waving goodbye to kat N myla and it went black from there.. woke up with my mom's scoldings while i clumsily try to sheild her from my fantastic uniform of gitch and barf.. yep.. the worst i've ever been and i dont intend on repeating that bullshit ever again.. shit, i dont even know how i ended up in just gitch.. and nick said i was wearing his pants at one point.. psychotic.. seriously guys.. thats the last of that.. i gotta be more responsible.. or at least get drunk to the point where i can still feel the urge to puke rather than leave the gates of vomit open with an 80 pound foot on a weak gas pedal.. now i know how ron felt when he pulled barf-sleep on deej's carpet.. im cleansed now though.. feel on top of my game.. k, takin off now.. gonna grab a beer.

"Half a cup in the first hole, one cup in the second."
-Fred from Logan Esso's Laundromat teaching me how to wash my soiled sheets-
ugh.. i have a sore throat.. that's the worst that's happened soo far from the aftermath of deej's party..
did everyone make it out alright?.. how was work wes?.. you missed out on quite a bit after you left.. i even missed out on a bit after i left..
did you guys do anything on sunday?..

"what the fuck is that??"
-deej pointing out someone's yak on the ground

April 17, 2002

snowing again.. lame a$$.. just a heads up to anyone up for some laughs: read chron's page.. hilarious tagalog text there..
as for this weekend.. deej is having a party to open up Summer 2002.. saturday.. drinks.. music.. laughter.. it should be slick.. ok.. get off me.

"Feb 5: too much sleep is weird"
-the frequently-updating deej-

April 12, 2002

hi.. im Link. im also gay.
wellness.. whats goin on? man, its gonna be nice out today.. just wanna give a shout out.. yes.. a shout out.. to the brave men and women venturing off into foreign territory.. foreign meaning north dakota.. so everyone, have fun.. and buy me something sweetin.. as for the stragglers.. what shall we do tonight? what shall we do? well.. i got work til 930.. after that im up for whatever cuz i got no work tomorrow.. yahhh!!!! so what'll it be? if you want me, girl, let me know.. i am down, on my knees, i cant take it anymore.. a little NSYNC tricksta for ya there.. ok.. i have an exam today and im thinkin its gonna suck balls hard.. hard balls.. false? true. ok.. get off my porch ya stupid kids.

"look at me.. im the sun.. im all shiney and warm.. i think im sooo cool.. look at me."
-my impersonation of the sun-

April 10, 2002

hmm.. interesting.. people actually do visit our page.. haha.. well.. thanks for the hits ladies..
now to attend to some matters of the mind.. it's brokun.. go fig.. hmmm.. well as of this afternoon.. i've fixed the ftp proplem.. stuck it to fortunecity.. and as for the new domain name.. it's bounce.to/bmz.. is everyone satisfied with that?..

cheery-yo to the rescue.. which also means.. a new re-launch of brokun-mindz..

"what the fark?.. cheery-yo?.. oooh.. cheery-yo!.. ah ha.. yeah.. cheerio.. cheery-yo.. sharkk!!!!!???"
-me this morning
wow.. AA's Wild Ninja comin at ya.. shit man.. i didnt even know peeps read BM.. totally.. so i actually volunteered to be the network administrator for a private school. three stories.. 50,000 square feet.. limited budget.. ok.. im half lying.. its a project and its due today.. well.. better do that.. hopefully cheery-yo fixes this travel.to business and that nasty ass banner.. ok.
get the fuck off.

-me at GT-
so i logged into AA today and saw that i had gotten another enty in my guestbook

here take a look see:

G_usher on Tue, Apr 09, 2002 @ 08:16 pm wrote:

i`m like a *bleep*ing fob.....a julio`s fob......a julio`s fob named gusher...

say that to my face!

totally ammusing eh!? hahahaha....

i have only one thing to say to you gushsack:


if you don't like it, get the fuck off our page!

"do you really want me to make you ugly"


April 03, 2002

guess what boys? we are in review.. at least i think so.. were on this thing called The Peer-to-Peer Project where you sign up your site and everyone reviews one random site.. so im reviewing this site called The K-Room aka the knowledge discovery room.. my review is pretty lame ass but im not into that kinda stuff anyway.. my review.. dont read it if you dont wanna get bored.. so guys.. its time to get wild and crazy.. too bad our profile pics are crazy nasty cuz supposedly were gonna get some serious exposure.. i wonder who's reviewing us.. hope theyre cool.. ok, enough of that..
so i replaced my bong revilla poster with the marker moustache and goatie with a new poster.. a one of a kind, authentic, marked with the LucasFilms trandmark and everything: Star Wars: Phantom Menace EPISODE 1 poster.. the one with little anikan and his darth shadow.. it was only 99cents.. sweet eh? no drawing on it allowed.. fuck off.

"brokun mindz is rivetting, captivating, provocative, sensual, and spell-bounding; the feel-good site of the year.. plus slazer is one sexy muffin."
-BM Reviewer-

March 29, 2002

you know what i love?

being totally sick and sporting my new cell phone mic, my special kleenex tissue nostril style and my super part hairstyle......damn am i styling or what........jeez......i'm like a fucking fob.....a julio's fob......a julio's fob named gusher...but anyways.....i digress

so yeah rex is a great theif, not only did he get me a mic, he also got me a matching car charger kit, a bag of doritos and some McSweeney's chocolate cupcakes...yummz.

hmm...i'm getting hungry.

-jay and silient bob strike back

March 27, 2002

holy ronner.. thats coolrazy.. that ricky martin wannabe should die.. totally.. im gonna kill him.. so you got a cell now eh? thats slick man.. hook us up with your number.. what kind of headset did rex steal? if it fits mine i'd buy it off him.. and ron.. stop fucking swearing like your on AA.. your free to no longer use your tricks of stealth profanity..
motherfuckin shit bitch shit.. come in my house NOW!

"all that she wants is another baby.."
-Richie Sambora-
Oh Wow. This mutha fùckah workz like a mutha suckah. Last time I tried this out I wrote for like half an hour and the shìt didn't work. So, I got discouraged and decided not to write on this fricking thing... until now. Well, I got a new cell, I had to go through serious bullshìt to get it. I saw Rex there and he stole a headset, and I didn't notice, apparently neither did that other guy that was working there. HE HAD US FOOLED!!! HA HA HA HA!!!! I hate people that say shìt only when they're with their jiggaz. I was playing VLT's and some fùcking prick says he hates people that play one credit on VLT's in a voice that he wanted me to hear. I have never spoke to this faggot in my life and he has the nerve to say that shìt. I was losing, so I played one credit I had less than 10 credits left, and he's saying that shit. What a fucking prick. GO BACK TO LISTENING TO YOUR MENUDO YOU RICKY MARTIN IMPERSONATING BASTARD!!!! CALLING ME A FAGGOT!!!! FUCK YOU AND YOUR FAKE CYPRESS CREW!!! WHERE ARE YOU NOW?!!! WHEN YOUR CREW ISN'T THERE YOU'RE A SILENT BITCH!!! I DON'T HAVE TO KICK YOUR ASS, WITH A MOUTH LIKE THAT I BET YOU'RE NOT LEAVING CENTERS ALIVE WITHOUT AN H.A. STOMPING THE FUCK OUT OF YOU.

So lesson to people that ain't shìt: don't say shìt if you aren't shìt, people that are shìt don't say anything unless they really have to.

March 21, 2002

mugatu?.. more like yogatu.. ooo.. what cha goin to do indeed.. hulkamania returns huh?.. is he all red and yellow?.. or does he remain black and white?.. what if there was hulk, the female version, as his valet.. will she be all "hey sista?!".. and have no breats?.. that would suck.. but it would be interesting.. what would be more interesting is if she did the female hulk electro-give-me-power-ups-guys manouver.. son-of-a.. that would totally kick ass.. i would laugh and laugh..

i dunno about the social myself.. never got tickets.. so i'm a no go.. no show as well.. i'm down for usb madness.. if you guys are goin between the hours of 1-3:30.. i know how to hang.. and people don't call me blohann for nothing.. shiiiieet.. but i'm broke doos..

"rrrraaaahhhhhh!!!!! (crazy colossus styles)"
-female hulk

ahhh mugatu.. what a character.. ahhh hogan.. what a character..
but enough of that.. on to the good stuff.. i decided long ago never to walk in anyone's shadow, so today me N mark are gonna hit up either Comp Ave or Comp Blvd for some USB compatibility cuz that is the greatest love of all.. tomorrow is friday.. i heard from Mr. Night Rider himself that there's a social gathering at some place where tickets are needed.. hooooooo... looks like im not going.. i get off work at 930.. woopity shit.. so today's my day off.. so far me N mark are doin that sweet stuff in the late aft so anyone who's anyone is free to join us.. its absolutely free.. it doesnt cost a thing.. free of charge.. unless you opt for combo #2: Hanging Out and Crazy Blowjob, then you gotta pay mark $4.50.. hazaow.. so until this aft i will be running errands to and fro.. k, get lost ya buncha creeps.


March 20, 2002

this is turning out to be a great year.. i'm still in awe of the return of HULKAMANIA.. i was in a slump for a long time.. i was missing something inside.. i didn't have anything to believe in.. and now.. HULKAMANIA RETURNS!!!! i've found the right track again.. i juss hope this isn't some sham.. where Hogan becomes evil again.. it'd crush my heart.. bring back the red and yellow.. ppl need something to rally behind.. Hulkamania is what the world needs right now.. we need the vitamins, the training, the prayers.. we need that crazy leg drop of his.. it's simple but it gets the job done.. BM is full of Hulkamaniacs.. so what you gonna do.. when BM runs wild on you!!! BROTHER!!

"Hey check out my new Mugatu hoodie!!"
Look at this... three posts, three people, three days. What is this world coming to? Three's the magic number man. Three's company, three blind mice, three amigos. Train, say your prayers, eat your vitamins. See, three more sweet things you should be doing. When I saw RAW, I so expected to hear, "When it comes crashing down and it hurts inside..." But NO!! DENIED!! Fuck yellow and red, Hulkamania doesn't truly return until we hear "Real American" again. 'Cause when you hurt my friends, then you hurt my pride/ I gotta be a man, I can't let it slide!!!! Shit, Hogan rules the world. The Immortal One. The Hulkster. Whatcha gonna do when Hulkamania runs wild on you? Sweet.

Something NOT sweet was the denial of my work. Instead of being able to see Wrestlemania X8, I had to work. That's fucked. What sucks ass is why I was working. They moved me from a Saturday shift in the cage to a Sunday shift in Booth 5. This is like going from being the head of lightbulb operations on a day you want to work to Mr. Slave on the absolute worst possible day to work. What does a head of lightbulb operations do? He sits in a chair, and watches the ceiling to make sure all the lights are working. Then, if one doesn't, he calls someone to bring a ladder, and then orders someone else to change it. For McDonald boys, it's like being the manager who does dick, and having that shift changed to brower. Fucking work. Well, at least I got paid well for it.

March 19, 2002

yowza!! danny alianza gonza... pressing the buttons on his alphabet apparatus.. thats totally weird.. but i think whats weird is his wish come true of Ear-Cupping, Back-Raking, Electric-Energy-Boosting Hogan WWFing it in the... uh.. WWF.. so thats weird.. im always prowlin BM to find posts to read and i finally have the leisure to do so.. how dreamy.. so Hardball's good? sweep.. i always wanted to watch it.. does Keanu Reeves do air guitar? i hope so cuz he has the sweetest air guitar ever.. does he yell, "Flying V!!" with hand megaphone featuring pinky wiggles? hope so cuz you cant play baseball without that strateej.. in case you dont know.. the flying V in baseball is executed when your team is on defense and your up against a crazy heavy hitter.. the secret code is yelled, "Flying V!!" and everyone except the pitcher runs to the centre field wall for a huddle.. then when the pitch is thrown everyone runs forward.. in V formation and then they lose.. thats the flying V and im stickin to it. go chase some waterfalls ya TLC lovin bastards.

"Flying V!!"
-deej in sex mode-

March 18, 2002

What's crappenin'?? holee.. march 7th? that was the last update?.. well looks like i'm gonna have to change that.. well it's one day past st. patrick's day.. wrestlemania X8 is done.. and were back to the work/school week.. what's new with everybody?.. i've spent the past couple weeks watching movies.. juss yesterday i watched the movie Hardball.. starring keanu reeves.. i thought it was gonna be a really craptastic movie.. but it turned out to be a big thumbs up!! i suggest you rent this movie.. i rank hardball among the ranks of save the last dance.. so guys.. read this post.. rent the movie.. feel the electricity!!

- Lou Gonza

March 07, 2002

shoot yoyo.. i feel ya.. i havent been on BM or AA cuz of skoolage.. yesterday i foine-ally finished my VisualBasic-Access project.. crazy long.. but yeah.. alls i got left is an exam today and i start a new subject.. sweden..
as far as work goes.. its crazy taking up a lot of my extra time that i had in the unemployed era.. i bought a new 40G HD and installed it any everything and its going sweet but im all puttin in my copy of bootleg w98 and its at the part where it checks your plug N play and stuff and boom.. Missing IDCTRU.dll or something or other.. fagtastic.. so my home comps down at the moment.. today i get a day off so i can spend more time on it..
if anyone can let me borrow their windows setup disk i would greatly slaze the roof..
oh, guess what else? yesterday me N kat were downtown chillin after school cuz i had work at three so we had like 2 hours to do whatever.. were walkin around and shit and we stop by at that picture enlarging poster place.. you know.. the one that makes poster.. so im all trying to talk to him about what kind of pic he needs if we supply him with a graphic and he just prints it.. lets say if yoyo-ball, gleneration, or wild-nele put their color schematics to work and make like a cool crew poster.. so yeah.. he's all as long as its a tif file 300 dpi and around 8 x 10 or smaller.. N im all cool.. and he's all k, guys.. lets go out in the hall.. stand right there.. good.. *click**click* with his digital cam.. then he's all lets go inside.. so were watching him and im thinkin ok.. ive seen a digi cam already.. so he's showing us the pictures on his mac talkin about how its sweeter than PCs and he's eating his words with crashes and non-double selects, whatever, and he puts the pic on zip.. hops over to the pc he has.. disses PCs some more and then boom, says watch this.. and clicks print.. holy shiznitto he prints this gigantic pic of me and kat.. its huge.. its almost lifesize.. so yeah.. peeps are stopping in the window to see the pic and he's all.. YEP, THATS THESE GUYS! and were all embarassed.. he gave us the giant pic after and printed a smaller one the size of a portfolio but he never gave us that one either.. hope he throws that one out.. so yeah.. thats my crazy story. pretty sweet eh? so yeah.. i gotta do some last minute exam studying.. hope i do good cuz my project wyze was pretty half-assed.. ok.. next.

"im a giant fan of mandy moore.. she's sexy.. sexy enough to sex... but not if ur in a long term relationship cuz thats cheating.. but she's still sexy.. mandy moore: young and sexy and sexy"

March 06, 2002

me: hey everybody..
you: hi bmz member yo..
me: i'm here to post on brokun mindz today.. isn't it exciting?.. yeah, it's been a while.. too much work to be done in school.. seriously..
here's a story about my flash project.. i saved up 2 weeks of work-time to cram it all on sunday.. and you know what?.. it sucked.. sucked bad.. cuz i did it at home.. and i had to make sure that i got it to school.. so i sent it via e-mail.. i also quickly burned a one song cd.. so i can lace my project with music.. i was goin towards the x-ecutioners feat linkin park track it's goin down.. but i found out that my cd was burned wrong.. so i was burnt.. i got more burnted when i went into my email to find out i attached the .swf file instead of the raw .fla file.. so that made me the burntest.. that fuckin ruled man.. but that made me sick.. i just sat there thinking about what i should do shaking my head.. after a quick class lecture.. i said eff that.. and i continued to work on a new flash project.. and it took me from 9:30am - 1:00pm to complete.. i'm satisfied.. but it could have been better.. hahaha.. ended up using limp bizkit feat redman, method man, and dmx - rollin' remix.. i just sat there laughing.. ah well, i'm finally done all the stressin for now.. now it's time to post on bmz everyday.. ooo.. maybe not.. what are you guys up to?.. did everyone watch "a walk to remember?".. i finally did!.. really good movie.. does anyone else have that mandy moore track only hope stuck in their heads?.. it was seriously filmed beautifully when she sang it.. i'm starting to be a mandy moore fan.. am i the only one?.. hahaha.. ah well..

"make mind brokun" [stan lee styles]
- stan lee - fictional member of brokun-mindz

February 28, 2002

im in desperate need of a shave... as much as BM's in desperate need of a post..

"i dont want any pornos.."
-russ on the phone with ron-

February 25, 2002

haha.. this is mark when he plays halo..

-Team Canada-

February 22, 2002

warning this post is hella long....hella....yes hella long

well this post was supposed to be up early this morning so the school kids could read something while in class but i got home late from coastals house......good lord my thumbs hurt,...well i guess that's what i get for playing ufc:tapout for 5 straight hours hahaha...
thanks to coastal and ronimal for the usage of their xbox and for the ass kicking i induced at the hands of tito ortiz and ken shamrock (characters who i nominate to be banned from being used haha)

hmm....maybe if i trained with this dude i'd be able to beat ortiz and shamrock:

every now and then, i see something so shocking, so revulting, i just can't undertand why anybody would do such a thing. this is one of those times... when i first saw this i thought it was pretty funny. ha ha. good laugh, a chimp doing kung fu. cute. but then i realized the sinister implications behind this...

by teaching this monkey (yeah i know chimps aren't monkeys, but monkeys sound funnier) kung fu, this guy is gonna bring about the end of the human race. hasn't he seen planet of the apes? surely this can lead to no good... i can see it all now... a future were we are dominated by a superior race of martial artist monkeys.....

if it were just this one chimpanzee, it would be no problem. but now, chimps have been documented with the ability to teach each other. imagine if this one got back to its colony! also, chimps don't have jobs or careers or anything much to do except throw their feces around and eat ticks, so they can practice ALL DAY LONG!!! imagine how good they could get.

i mean, look at the chimp in the above stills taken from the video. i am by far no monkey expert, but i can tell you that that is a relatively young monkey, and already it has a black belt. do you know the amount of dedication and skill it takes to attain such a rank??...kurazy

it's also noted that chimps are, pound for pound, twice as strong as humans. plus they are more agile and have very good senses. add to that repetoire the ability to perform martial arts, and we have an unstoppable killing machine. i mean, if you were an ape would you rather sit inside a cage and be oogled at or live in the jungle and have your home chopped down, or would you rather unite and rise up against the oppresive homo sapien? the answer is clear folks, and i have to say we now have competition....

what if a monkey learned monkey-style kung fu? you already know how good the shaolin masters were, and they were only copying the monkeys. it would only seem logical that a monkey doing monkey-style kung fu would be twice as deadly.....

you might argue that we humans have guns and bombs and stuff. but you've also seen all the martial art flicks. do those things do any good against jackie chan or jet li? the answer is no my friends, and i don't see why it would be any different in this case. they could probably just karate chop a gun in half or catch a bullet with their teeth....

before it's too late, i say we stop this madness now. teach a monkey to sign language, teach it to juggle, teach it to do funny tricks, but for god's sake, don't teach a monkey martial arts. all i can see this leading to is an apocalyptic future wasteland ruled by simian overlords who will treat us like cattle....

with that said...now for the linx0rz

kill some time and some pedestrians
hotties gone bad
brandy's pregnant?
$.99cent fun
i love this woman

err don't ask

for the harry potter fans
why do the japanese get all the cool stuff?
more xbox nonsense
i repeat why do the japanese get all the cool stuff??

phew...what a monster of a post....
kay that should have made up for the whole week of non-posting hehe
happy now wes? :P

"you were waiting for that kick, weren't you?"
-coastal's coleman to nelly's williams

February 21, 2002

hi.. cant talk long.. playing Tapout with al and mark.. go to hell... the 9th hell.. (i read that site.. weird stuff dan.. ur devily)

"the infinite darkness is watching you."
-nWo's vincent-

February 20, 2002

good coding wes.. i like it alot.. geez.. everybody seems to be making contributions to the page.. what should i make?? i dunno.. ah well.. the reason i'm here is cuz i was searching up something i saw on tv a couple days ago.. a lil something called DANTE'S INFERNO!!!! well from what i've read.. it's some sort of play.. or something.. written a long time ago.. and it's about some guy named dante.. and his guide virgil

let's walk around hell.. together!!

well i've skipped some stuff.. but dante gets to visit hell for a bit.. and it's a crazy bunk place.. there's punishments for everything.. it's not like how tv usually potrays hell.. you know.. juss like it's hot and fire and devils.. if real hell is anything like the hell in dante's inferno.. we're in trouble.. serious!!.. in dante's inferno.. hell is divided into sections.. 9 circles to be exact.. each circle is for the different kinds of sinners that are in hell.. and the way ppl get punished in hell is pretty clever.. i don't wanna spoil everything for you guys.. so if you wanna check up on the adventures of Dante and Virgil go ahead.. it's a good read.. well that's all i gotta add for now.. laterz

oh yeah.. while i was looking for that picture of virgil.. i found out that the wrestler Ludvig Borga.. once entered UFC.. and he got to fight Randy Coture.. but was beaten in 57 seconds.. and back in the day i thought Ludvig Borga was such a badass cuz he beat Tatanka.. yup.. what interesting things you can find on the internet..

"i love listening to limp bizkit while i do coding.. i'm such a nerd.. keep rollin rollin rollin rollin.. whaat!!"
-wesley sayas
ok.. i made that little listbox of all of us to show pics and stats.. all pics and all stats are easily changable.. i just needed some examples to test my code.. so yeah.. anyone wanna make cool profile pics of us? do it graphic peeps.. do it.. and if i got your birthdays wrong or height or whatever.. tell me N i'll change it.. ok.. thats enough from me.. i gotta do some school workies for real.. so get lost.

"i loooove fobs.."
-mark chua-

"i loooove quoting limp bizkit.."
-danny gonza-

February 19, 2002

At work a couple of nights ago I encountered a crazy hot japanese chick who was cashing in some chips. She was extremely sex-tastic. Then the bizarre happened. I told her how much she won, and asked if she wanted hundred dollar bills and... she didn't speak one word of english. Her and her other hot non-english speaking Japanese friend looked at me sheepishly, like they were embarassed. But the kicker to the story is... they were actually sexier without the ability to speak english. Weird.

But that got me thinking. If I thought a non-english speaking Japanese woman was hotter than an english speaking Japanese woman, would a Japanese guy think fobs were crazy hotter? Or, would anyone think fobs were crazy hotter? Wow, that blows the mind. Guys who would prefer fobs. I always thought the ability to speak english was an advantage. But just like I thought Wes was a cool guy, I was very, very wrong.

"I don't care if he's not at Salt Lake, he's still my hero!!"
- Ken Gibson le May Doan, Mel's new little brother
spent a night at home today.. watched some tv.. smallville was a good episode.. watched some ice dancing.. the canadians fell down.. sucks for us.. they tried to pass it off like it was on purpose.. they almost did it.. but the judges weren't fooled.. then i watched top gun.. danger zone still kicks ass.. if i was riding in a jet plane.. that would be my default flying song.. then it would be take my breath away.. now it's almost time to sleep.. but first i gotta finish watching krull.. that's right.. krull the conqueror.. starring kevin sorbo.. well time to get off the computer..

"gimmie, gimmie, gimmie, jimmy.. wooooods!!!"
- announcer at video game armageddon

February 18, 2002

shit, i got this song stuck in my brain and it wont quit.. stupid mall music.. get out! out!

"what about, what about.."
-wes' brain playlist: brandy song on repeat-
im a(n):

orc: Gorhâk the Sleazy
hobbit: Bilbo Whitfoot from Nobottle
elf: Imuialion
dwarf: Náin Crashingslayer
Red Book of Westmarch: Six-toothed Black Númenorean

weird eh? my hobbit name is bilbo..

what the hell??!! i cant believe you passed me yo-yo!! now thats a true killer indeed.. like Chow Yun P.H.A.T.

deej and his hump count.. that is truly aweslam.. very sexy indeed.. i know from experience, if you know what i mean..

kuya mania's post review.. funnier than saturday's movie.. Mel Shamrock Le May Doan doing killer cross overs on street pandas.. can't go wrong with that..

nike, eh?

its nice outside.. its monday morning.. i gotta write an exam today.. Smallville's on the tele tonight.. oh, N i lost my right contact.. i forgot to confirm its placement on the iris.. saddening.. oh well.. it was time to change it anyway.. k, screw you..

-dead guy-

February 17, 2002

deej posted.. which can only mean.. some people were asking him to post.. or that he's sick too.. have you noticed out of all usual posters on the mindz [me, wes, mark, nel] as of late has been fairly sick?.. and the others [deej & russ] are not?.. just an observation.. hey look, i've obtained a new rank..

true story.. did a "plus" trick to do it.. still have no idea if it's illegal or not..

"i can't believe i shook his hand.. hahahaha *does a rock-n-roll slide*"

February 16, 2002

well i'm back.. i was bored.. nothing much to do around this time.. but i found this online.. it's not a kill count.. cuz it's better than a kill count.. i hope the link works though..

that's right.. watch out ladies.. WHO'S NEXT!!!

"my harddrive holds 7 megs of usb protocols"
-deej computer specialist
i remember 1998, i remember nagano, i remember them saying "it can't be done"
well as everyone knows i proved them wrong. i showed the world the meaning of being awesome!

it started in the summer of 1997 when i first started cross country skiing, it was quick and easy to learn, i became good in skiing in just 1 day. people were saying i should go to the olympics and showcase my talents. i thought about it on the way home that day from k.p. my destiny had been written that day, there was no turning back. i phoned the canadian olympic alliance when i got home. i asked them how one would try out for the team, they told me the team had already been selected. i told them i was good. they didn't seem to care much. they lady seemed to have a swedish accent. she put me on hold and the waiting music was repeated "my bum is on the swedish, swedish, swedish". finally she came back and asked me what school i went to, i said "i graduated from the school of hard knocks naman" she was all "that kind kind of attitude won't get you anywhere" i was all "stop trippin muthafuckin b-i!" she hung up on me.

the months passed and the games were right around the corner, i hadn't laced up my skates since the first time i laced em up. i decided to walk to nagano! well when i got there it was panda-monium, pandas roamed the streets. everytime i seen a panda i did a killer crossover! the 10k pursuit was juss days away and i still wasn't on the team. i located the hotel where the ski coach was staying, i asked him if i could be on the team and he said yeah. i was hyper. i was actually on the team, he gave me a sweater and toque that said canada on em. it felt very patriotic like mel gibson! at that point i changed my name to mel shamrock le may doan.

i breezed through the prelims and advanced to the final. the moment came, i wanted to medal soo good! and as you all know i won the ultimo-gold medal in the mens 10k pursuit! i was lone-star aka amazed! the ultimo-gold medal was awarded to the champion who most resembles ultimo dragon!

now it's salt lake and i'm not part of the fetivities, i'd like to be there but i was banned from the olympics for failure to attend the sports banquet. oh well it's not like any other oatmeal i've ever seen before.

"everyone is changing, there's no one left that's real
so make up your own ending, and let me know just how you feel"
-swedish secretary-
hey everybody.. i'm posting today.. i don't do it very often.. but here i am.. february 16th.. so what's new with all of you ppl.. ohh i see.. typing in notepad before posting on blogger so that ur post doesn't get deleted.. hmmm.. good idea.. kill count?? you guys are too evil.. and what's this about cyborgs.. i've missed alot.. but hey.. i can always catch up by reading.. right? well what should i talk about.. hmm.. well how bout this.. wouldn't it be neat if our bodies were capable of upgrades.. kinda like upgrades for computers.. i think it'd be AWESLAM!!! for example.. let's say that you're not good at drawing.. so then you like buy adobe humanshop and stick the big old school floppy disk in your ass.. or maybe you could just tape it to your body and then you'd be able to draw better.. it's just an idea.. but i'm working on it.. i'm about 2% complete.. it'll be out in stores by may.. another upgrade that would be neat would be more memory.. like our brains hold like ummm.. let's say 20 gigs of memory.. and we could upgrade our brains to like 100 gigs.. tha'd be awesome.. our new hardrive's would hook somewhere onto our back's.. kinda like a backpack.. but with more circuits.. cuz hardrives have lots of circuits.. this opens a whole new bunch of possibilities.. like soundcards that go around your neck to make your voice better.. like you'd be talking normally but with the soundcard upgrade.. your talking would sound like seal singing!!! well i think that's enough tech talk from me.. laterz

"i partitioned my linux console.. so that my tower fan could accept jpeg file transfers"
- deej computer specialist

February 15, 2002

yes i'm posting again...twice in the same day...that's unheard of haha

mark if your reading this:
TAPOUT will be out in the next couple of days!!
forreal this time! hahaha
im a fan of typing my deal in notepad.. then pasting it into my Blog This! window.. its better than logging in to blogger and doin whatever.. just drag and drop this link into the Links: part of your browser..

this thing.. drag and drop.. easy as pie.

ok.. thats enough from slazer.

"drag and drop.. easy as pie."
-Cybernetic Obedient Android Skilled in Troubleshooting and Accurate Learning-
my only advice to you mark is to do the following before you post:
•highlight your post (click and drag)
•copy it (ctrl + c)
•press post before post & publish
if it doesn't show up.. then you can paste (ctrl + v) it and try again.. hope to be of service.. if not.. eff you!

"helping out the brokun-mindz"
-yo helper
why didn't my blog show up? What a piss off!!! It was so freakin long too!!!!
i seem to be aflicted with the same problem marky had when he first posted (the ihitthepostbuttonbutitkeepslogginmeoutproblem) so scrap the update i was working on cuz that's all gone now.......what's wrong with you blogger??....do you hate me?....you can tell me the truth

blogger: yes nelson i hate you
me: what the hell??
blogger: i've hated you since forever
me: .....eat poo.


does this make me evil wes?
supposedly i'm ranked "zEtor" which was once "wrath of god"....umm...can someone please explain to me what the hell is a zEtor? it better not be something gay haha...

i am an orc: Púshtakh the Destroyer
i am a hobbit: Isembard Goodbody from Standelf
i am an elf: Esgaltaurion
i am an dwarf: Marin Snowlegs
According to the ancient scrolls of the
Red Book of Westmarch i was:
A Tragic Dragon (?que?)

i don't know about that last one....and snowlegs...c'mon they could have gave me something cool like "hugearms" or "massivedink"

-olympic 4th place champion zEtor
since ufc and cyborgs be the game.. allow me to introduce the lord of the rings name game courtesy of colin of Ravenloft's Ramblings .. it's pretty sweetaculous.. it spits out your Orc Name.. Hobbit Name.. Elf Name.. Dwarven Name.. and What were you on middle earth?

to play the lotr name game click here
post all your different names and hopefully mark's won't be as homosensualexual..

M.A.R.K.: Maniacal Android Raping Klingon
yes, this took me most of my morning to come up with this deliciousness.. soo be it

i once got a valentines card, and it read, "i choo choo choose you".. it was from ralph.. wtf hey?.. valentines day is for suckas anyway, so don't worry mark.. consider this.. v-day is once a year while hookers are forever-ever-ever *add echo for dramatic effect*.. hmm.. mmm hmm.. do you guys know anyone who had a hooker?.. and if they did.. did they like it?.. did they get any std's?.. did they pay lots?.. do you know anyone who ever won a private show?.. or paid for one?.. hookers and strippers for a belated valentines day.. youpiee <--is that how the french kids say it?.. ever listen to those french follow along tape books during french class?.. soo weird..

wow, it's been a while since i posted.. a lot of things to accomplish, that surprisingly didn't take no effort what-so-ever.. quark xpress is now finished with my brochure out of the way.. finished it in 3 days.. scored a 91% [40/44] on my flash test.. like whoa.. only studied for 20 mins the night before.. starting my flash assignment.. i have to do a company flash intro.. someone give me ideas.. i need a company that already has a website to work with.. seriously though.. don't bullshit on this one, cuz i have a presentation for it on monday.. much appreciation in advance..

on another note.. deej, when did they start serving wine during mass??.. seriously, it's a trip.. too intimidated to try it though.. hey wes, let's go to church with deej again.. and take a sip dude..

"thou hast fallen to your demise ranger! by the blade of Gromrat!.. mark one more.. for the good guy!"
-Gromrat the Blood-Axe (orc johann)
holy smokes mark.. that is gay.. whats with that? i thought mine was..
S.L.A.Z.E.R.: Synthetic Lifeform Assembled for Zealous Exploration and Repair
but my bot does repairs.. so that means he's rugged.. and heterosexual..
but im glad to see nels and coast posting.. you guys combined equals the Wildman Mark Mero..

you get to kill... the entire WORLD!! ahahahahahaha!!! anyways yeah.. so far we've smoked 81 countries.. im in 4178th place.. and the world is 1.43407% killed.. astounding!!
hey nels.. R those pics from your TV-PC conneck? sweet if it is.. you can now be a porn distributer to the world.. the ultimate porning champion..
k, lay off already..

-cyborg gold medalist S.L.A.Z.E.R.-

February 14, 2002

N.E.L.S.O.N.: Networked Electronic Lifeform Skilled in Observation and Nullification
damn right i nullify! hah
note to self, press publish button after typing....i don't want to end up like mark who's post is sitting in que still haha

so yeah this is my first post, yes i know i was invited a loooong time ago to post but never got around to it cuz i'm fucking lazy...but all that has changed muwhaha
so what to talk about first?...i know...how about something we all love:


shit yeah! so why talk about pride? cuz the card has been finalized for Bad Blood that's why. lets take a look at the card shall we:

PRIDE FC "Bad Blood"

•Tom Erikson vs "Obake" Tim Catalfo
•Wallid Ismail vs Alex Steibling
•Heath Herring vs Igor Vovchanchyn
•Daijiro Matsui vs Rodrigo Gracie
•Carlos Newton vs Jose "Pele" Landy
•Vanderlei Silva vs. Kiyoshi Tamura *PRIDE Middle Weight Title Match
•Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira vs. Enson Inoue
•Ken Shamrock vs. Don Frye
PRIDE 19 / PRIDE Fighting Championships 'Bad Blood'

DATE: February 24th, 2002
OPEN: 2:00 PM START 4:00 PM
PLACE: Saitama Super Arena (Saitama-Pref , Japan)

whatcha guys think?....looks pretty good to me, i'm not too sure who these new guys are (pele, and tim catalfo) i hope they put up a good fight

hmm...speaking of good fights (ahh yes a seagway, i'm brilliant...must be all the hotdogs i eat)
remember this guy:

well the man with the 0-1-0 record is comin' back to NHB fighting...ahh yes Joe Son Do rules, just as much as the Pat Miletich fighting system

"why is the blue sky?"
- rex navarette
C.O.A.S.T.A.L.: Cybernetic Obedient Android Skilled in Troubleshooting and Accurate Learning

How gay. Why is it everything I get into has a tint of homosexuality to it? I'm finally a robot, and I'm STILL someone's bitch? Jeez!! Wait, let me try again:

M.A.R.K.: Mechanical Android Responsible for Killing

Yeah, that's what I'm talking about. Random Robot Eradication. That's more like me. Sorry no posts in a while, but my suck-ass computer is sucking major ass right now. Everytime I try to open explorer, it freezes. Like it's telling me: "Oops, no CFL news or monkey porn for you, buddy." I have to cheat the computer by opening "My Computer" and then typing a web address in the address section. Yeah, I'm so hacker. "A 28.8 modem!?! I want this to have my children!!" That guy ruled. And then that man went on to star as the troubled youth in Dangerous Minds, and the crazy homo in Con Air, reciting such memorable lines like, "Touch it, it's real leather." and "Let me wear this purple dress while you ram me in the ass!!!."

Well, yo-yo, it's good to be a regular poster on brokun, because then I can air out all of my personal frustrations on guys who could care less but have to pretend to. I like that. And because of that, here's a gift for Johann:

J.O.H.A.N.N.: Journeying Organism Hot for Ass and Nocturnal Necrophilia

Whoa, that came off a lot worse than it was supposed to. I guess if I didn't change some of the words to change you from a nightime killing machine to a raging nomadic homosex who likes dead cock, it wouldn't have sucked as bad as it did.

Happy Valentines Day to all the TWC/204 dudes with girls. May you enjoy this day. As for the single guys, I will not wish you guys a Happy Valentines Day, because I am adamantly against people thinking I am gay, and that will only add to the speculation.

What's the deal with that guy? What's his name? Oh yeah, his name is Henry, Clay Henry. How lazy do you have to be to be a fat FIREFIGHTER??? Don't firefighters have to be in shape? They carry around 100 lb fire hoses, they're constantly near extreme heat, which you would think would lead to massive sweating, and this lard-ass still has the ability to turn into a fucking jolly fat man? What's his problem? And then when fatty realizes he needs to lose weight, does he go to a gym,? Does he listen to a personal trainer? Nope, this guy, who apparently was so fat he had lard cramming not only his ass but also his head, listens to Jared Fogle. Jared fucking Fogle. That's it, I can't take anymore. I'm forever done with the Clay Henry issue.

"Can I help troubleshoot or accurately teach?"
- Robot Coastal, aka someone's bitch
Biomechanical Replicant Optimized for Killing and Ultimate Nullification

thats what Brokun stands for..

find out what you stand for here..

Happy Valentine's Day, boys!

what the hell is that supposed to mean?

k, enough.. i must commence the learning.. someone else post here.. geeez..

"sock mike hock hugh pea subbed heard eesh it"
-mad gabs card-

February 12, 2002

did you know that..


i didnt..

did you know that..


i did..

thats some pretty cool trivia eh? i think so.. leonard nimoy was galvatron.. orson welles was unicron.. david mendenhall was daniel witwicky..

mezzo was pretty cool.. fun night.. i wasnt awake to see the pizza arrive though.. weird.. my brain just shut off.. so whats goin on this FRI and SAT? maybe something cool? yeah.. im down with that plan..

ok.. hell.. go..

-gold medalist wesley sayas-

February 10, 2002

hey there.. it's the all star game today.. are you excited? umm that's all i have to say.. i'm still recovering from reading russell's post.. fin

"drink me now!!!"
-talking beer

February 07, 2002

in my mind sense was never meant to be made...
ok, i'm back! better than ever? nope prolly not. have you ever tried to turn a blizzard into a breeze? well if you can do it, you are the true champ! how long do you think it would take to eat a bowl of tim horton's chilli? good answer! now what if i said you have to use a spoon made of ice! haha! maybe you don't understand the meaning in this sentence?well, i'll explain by using the same theory in a different way, how long do you think it would take to eat a bowl of wendy's chilli? good answer! now what if i said you have to use a spoon made of ice! haha! i'm sure you understand the logic in these now right? ok keep up a good work! hahaha! was that a fob line? how bout this: hi my name is cuba gooding jr. you can call me tito cuba gooding jr. sweet! sweet? i love sweets! but would i love sweets if it was spelled sweats? check this out: "i love sweats!" damn the devil on that one! damn the devil to hell and back! that's what i call freddie prinzanity! you know if i was in a physical struggle with an arch-enemy i would like to defeat that person with a babality! u know! like turn you into a little baby you bad person you! now you gotta poo your pants all the time! " i'm finding that you and you alone can break my fall" that's an awesome quote! but anyway listen to the song "nice to know you" by incubus! it rulz! the quote isn't from that song but u can't always have things go your way! you get lost sometimes, but eventually you find your way. my name is russell and i am the small forward for the weston warriors. i shotd 3's and drive to the basket, driving to the basket creates shot opportunities for myself and frequent passes to my teamates. i also have a post-up game also. i can on occasion wreak havok on my opponents down low with fade-aways and such moves like good ones, ewing and aloysious. or eugene. that is cliff levingston's middle name! sometimes i play at sargent, even though this big tall guy always blocks my shot! every week! but i always go back because i never give up! juss like japanese mixed martial artists! not a bad day ah? don't say like that! why you know that? by now!

no tap out, no belfort/ortiz, no happy yo, equals really no happy yo.. thanks for the newsflash anyway mark.. glad to see you're a regular on the mindz now.. hmmm..

if i had to choose a secret character for ufc tapout.. it'll most likely be b.j. "the prodigy" penn.. but to my luck i'd lose by decision anyway.. or is he already created for the game?.. or would i have to create him in the "create-a-fighter" mode??.. if i did, i'd give him an iron fist.. cuz he has a strong heart man.. and i'd give him a chain tat around his left arm.. cuz he's hardcore and left handed.. don't matter, i just can't wait to test that stuff out.. whatever happened to the coastal/deej showdown markus?.. did you guys already have it decided?.. both ended up winners?.. hook up some advertisements from that one time deal.. i barely got to bask in it's glory..

sad sad world you work in mark.. what would be worse?.. seeing mr. prune face winning money with your girls of your dreams?.. or mr. prune face with a boot print "who let the dogs out?" shirt with a hottie girl with her hand on his nards?.. i'll give you the day to think about it..

the lil flash guy is named "plinko" i might put a voice for him tonight.. but as for "what do i do?.". i don't know wes, you tell me..
how are you goin to research the correct questions to ask that'll correspond to each individual?.. or are you doin this on your own so that if you choose "children" for what type of girl you dig?.. it'll automatically be me?.. need someone to make the individual turn-out graphics?.. i'm down.. it's not like i have that thing either.. school.. okay, i do.. dang.. but i'm still down for doing it..

where's russ?
where's deej?
where's nelson?
where's glenn to accept the invitation to the mindz??..

i was looking into dennis miller.. but eff that.. it's all about the new school baby!
jimmy fallon and tina fey is weekend update..

"the best there is, there best there was, the best there ever will be!"
-sharpshooter, raskalz feat. bret "the hit-man" hart
i swear, i thought the pic was broken or something.. wicks yoyo.. totally gangsta man.. a little macromedia flash in this.. thats exactly what i look like whenever im posting.. so what kinda copyright do u got on that? lets say your watching Dexter's Laboratory and all of a sudden you see a hyper fresh talkin blue animal in a fisherman hat.. what do you do? what do you do?

well i've decided to create a VBscript (cuz thats the only one plausible at the moment) project of Which TWC/Playground member are you?.. yep.. but i gotta find time in my hectic schedule of AA, brokun-mindz, reallifecomics, sinfest, and prime time television.. oh yeah and thing, too.. school..

last night i was at UofW i was hacking and i was practicing my right foot inner side stall.. still needs some work..

i heard UFC tapout sucks.. you just pick a player, pick the opponent, pick the ref, press start and boom.. you watch simulated fights.. and its always the same winner.. even if its couture vs rizzo, the winner's ortiz.. it sucks mark.. i know.. time machine, man.. time machine..

its friday tomorrow.. wants on tap? hmmm.. wonder what is? oh wait.. look.. i got a note from homeboy nickson..

ok.. fun off..

wes has left the building
You know what rules? UFC Tapout. I love using Frank Shamrock, and it was awesome when I unlocked Vitor Belfort. But you know what would be better? Is if the fucking game actually came out so I can stop pretending to play this game with my controller and turned-off Xbox.

Too bad about Tito. Torn acl's suck. No Belfort/Ortiz again. Now it will be Couture/Barnett. But if UFC Tapout doesn't come out soon, it will be Randy Couture/Markus Coastal, and he will be saying "...if it's not out there, we don't have it." for the last fucking time!!!

I like the game of "..spot the hottie". It can only be played with my co-workers, though, not with customers. Don't get me wrong, hot customers come, and hot customers rule, but playing "spot the hottie" with customers inevitably leads to the ultra-depressing "spot the mutant-looking boyfriend who's holding her hand." And nothing is worse than seeing an insanely sexy mama holding the nads of Mr. 24/7 Prune Face.

I have a permanent callous on the inside of my right middle finger from snapping money. Which is cool, because I can give someone 'reverse fuck you' and they can't get mad, cause I'll tell them I'm just showing them my callous. Suckers...

If 'crazy' and 'champ' had a child, would he go on to create a band called "Crazy Champ"? Come my lady, come come my lady... Wait, that was Crazy Town. It should have been Crazy Champ. Then they'd be successful. That, and if they didn't suck ass.

Colin Quinn rules? Wow, that's news to me...

Screw you, here's the man.

"Look at my hot girlfriend!"
- Mr. 24/7 Prune Face

February 06, 2002

dang, your fish is really dead.. but if it died why did you take off your socks?.. maybe cuz it was you who stepped on it!!.. oh wait.. you did.. hmm.. maybe you should put a cover on your aquarium?.. cuz that sucker dude is bad news.. bad news bears.. or do they need air?.. cuz if they do.. that one fish got hella air time.. i wonder what he was thinking? i wonder if it was suicide?.. hmm.. something to ponder..

wow mark.. nice game of "spot the combo".. couldn't hurt to play a game of, "are there hotties at the casino?.. cuz hotties rule" game.. unless there are never any.. are your fingers conditioned from snapping money?.. are you goin to see robyn naked again?.. are we goin to be allowed to play ufc tapout anytime soon??..

oh yeah, i got the date on my reciept fixed.. "crazy" the receptionist did it too.. i soo was making sure she signed the school's copy too.. i expected a gap where my copy should have been.. but it was there.. haha.. then i said, "thanks "crazy"" and she said "fuck off, i almost got your money" and i high fived her.. at least i know my money is under the power of evil.. instead of evil hands.. yeyeah!

"champ.. my name is champ.. and yes, i soo champed you on dinner yo, mark, glenn, ronnie.. i am champ.. champ!.. and don't you forget iiit.."
the mystery!! it has been solved.. my fish is.. dead. dundunDUN!! yeah.. he jumped out of the tank or got voted off by one of the other fish or something.. man thats corny.. that voted off thing.. anyway, it was kinda creepy cuz i got home to check my fish in case he reappeared like Lex Luthor assailants but he wasnt in there.. he was on the floor.. somebody stepped on it too.. nasty.. so i took off my socks, scooped him up with some royale double-ply and saluted him while he made his travel into the white heaven of porcelin where he will soon be greeted by mass amounts of urine and feces and barf (courtesy of russto)..

so yeah.. thats the news and im stickin to it.. awww man colin quinn rules..

so yeah.. whats goin on today? im probably gonna be at the UofW tonight tearin it up with all hotties.. k, im goin now.. see ya when i break myself from this barrage of hotties.. false enough.

"Shampoo is better. I go on first and clean the hair! Conditioner is better I leave the hair silky and smooth! Oh, really, fool? Really! Stop looking at me, swan!"
-Schecky Moskowitz aka Babes Ahoy-
I can't wait for tomorrow!! I get UFC!! Oh, and apparently I'm getting Parappa the Rapper as well. "I'm so phat, I'll dance all night/Word to yo' mutha!!" Sweet. As for the double period, I'm sticking with my one period. Call it vanilla, but it gets the job done. You don't have to stop for so long, and it doesn't feel like a run-on sentence. Yep, me and proper grammar go hand in hand, like hot dogs and KD.

So I'm at work, and because I'm doing absolutely nothing and getting paid $10.72 for it, I do a lot of random thinking. One thought that immediately passed through my brain was, "Good God, it's a good thing there's no dress code here." Wowza. I've never seen such a high plaid and tight jeans to normal clothing ratio in my life. So, submitted for the approval of the midnight society, here was the worst three outfits I saw at work on February 1st. Hopefully, one of them can beat January 31st's winner of crazy tight grey acid-wash Jordache jeans, Michael Jackson "Thriller" style leather jacket, and t-shirt with a brown boot print and the words "Who let the DOGS out?" on it.

3. The man with a knitted green sweater, and grey sweatpants. Oh, and a hat that had the "Seaquest: DSV" symbol on it. Whoa!

2. The man with tight imitation Levi's (I worked there before, remember? I can spot a fakey.), black leather vest with nothing underneath, and an Atlanta Falcons toque. If you're wearing just a vest, and then a toque, it's telling me you're one of two things: you're crazy huge, and will stop at absolutely nothing to show it off, or you're quite the special person. In that special olympics sort of way.


1. The man with crazy tight grey acid-wash Jordache jeans, Michael Jackson "Thriller" style leather jacket, and t-shirt with a brown boot print and the words "Who let the DOGS out?" on it.

Now before you get any preconcieved notions about his being some sort of weird new style that we have not been informed of, let me assure you: It was the same guy wearing the same thing for two straight days. It wasn't two different guys wearing the same combo to the same place. And what the Hell does a boot print have to do with "Who let the DOGS out?" At least he was winning. Now he can take that money and buy some new clothes. I saw a "You ARE the Weakest Link! GOODBYE!" shirt at Giant Tiger the other day. That way, his style of wearing outdated slogans can continue to be sported IFE.

You know, if I was to be offered free leather pants, I would so wear them. I would wear my "Free Spirit" shirt with it. That would be a sweet combo. Sweet like Candy. Love always, Mandy.

So, I had to go and pay the gas bill at Pharmasave, and do you know who I saw? Robyn. Weird. I haven't seen her since the last time I saw her, and that time she was naked. And that was the last time I saw a girl naked. That was July. But, I'm not mad about that. I'm Mad About You. There's a hot chick. Helen Hunt. "Ohhh, Veronica Vaughn, soo hot, want to touch the heiny. Ahhhooooouuuooo!"

I found your fish, he's stuck to the bottom of my shoe. I forgot to tell you, I took him out and stepped on him, then i realized doing that would only kill the fish, not help it. Sorry.

Wait, she didn't play Veronica Vaughn!! Shazam!!

"Stop trying to look at my naughty bits! I'm going to tell mummy!"
- Sir Mark Edinburgh to Duke Wesley of Robbinsdale

February 05, 2002

what?? clark!! what are you doing??! i cant believe you didnt go for Lana.. she was crazy going for you! oh well.. maybe when her and whitney break up.. you can get her with full nobility..

so yeah.. in case you dont know.. smallville's Supe coulda got the girl of his dreams.. but he didnt cuz he's such a nice guy.. and on top of that, he's pretty darn huge..

ok.. so lets see, kidflare's page is back so thats cool.. yoplait has adopted the elipses marks minus one dot cuz he's joinin true gangsta.. and supposedly mark's getting UFC Tapout tomorrow.. and Parappa the Rapper.

oh shit!! guess what?! one of my fish are missing.. no lies man.. serious.. i spent like 7 minutes eyeing my tank to see where it went but its not there.. better check the floor and stuff eh? maybe it was tossed out of the tank like dan's fish.. but i swear it crazy jazzed me out.. no dead body anywhere.. hmmm.. this looks like a job for Hoodman.. no.. shut the hell up.

"never judge a book by its cover"
-mark chua to danny gonza-

February 04, 2002

updates a many:
glennerations disapearance from asianavenue
someone knew glenn's password and deleted his account.. cuz you know...that person is cool.. aka coward.. pretty lame attempt.. cuz it only lasted what?.. 2 days?.. i got it back for him.. if you want to see the page he used while kidflare was in hiatus.. it's "circuitz" on aa.. has some old guy he named "business + pleasure" or something raz-ma-taz like that..
bunk as funk.. if i was a slut.. i got no action at all.. even from myself.. as you can see from my saturday post.. i was in fact at school.. working on a quark xpress assignment that i'm still working on as we speak.. fyi, it's due today.. i also worked sat-sun at 6am.. ugh.. ah well.. i'm rich.. no i'm not.. i'm under 3 grand and now wondering if i lost $2630?
paid for tuition on friday, crazy gross.. cuz i pay monthly installments in cash.. $1315 to be exact.. it was my turn to treat my bro for a free tuition month.. sweet am i? naw.. cuz he paid last month.. so that's $2630 alltogether.. anywhore, i noticed when i got home that i had no date on my reciept.. kinda fishy knowing that the person before and after got dates on their reciepts.. and they paid by cheaque.. sweet mutha.. she better not be shooting up off my shit.. i nicknamed her "crazy".. when i was in school on saturday.. i asked the other secretary about it.. she tripped up like, "omg, that wasn't me was it?" i said no, and almost responded, "obviously, if it was you.. you'd already have a punch in the face!".. but i didn't.. but i know i can say that to her.. cuz she's an ex-student of the school and she's cool.. just has a goofy laugh.. like cameron diaz.. minus the glam.. she told me that i can get it taken care of on monday.. so i'm off to do that soon..
ever notice my three periods?...i think i should start to use two instead like wes and deej.. see what i mean?.. it looks cleaner.. so props for creating dot dot space instead of dot cubed.. props for me for biting it.. it just needs a lil getting used to and shtuff.. shtuff is good.. but whores are better.. but you know what's better?
plug of the day boys.. let's go there some day and satisfy our sexual hunger with a nice helping of baked subs.. serious.. ish good..

"don't tell "crazy" that i need that date on my reciept fixed"
-me talking to another secretary on a saturday afternoon
im sicker than brain damage.. dan was leavin my house yesterday after posting an inconciderate update.. or should i say, inconceivable update.. no, inconsiderate.. anyway.. he was leaving and i was all, "what the? that heater's on full blast!!" so i turn it down and now i wake up sicker than Caine Madness.. sucker MC.. so yeah.. just chillin at school watching the superbowl ads.. i recommend the Budweiser How Ya Doin? Ad.. fun stuff.. this weekend was pretty bunk eh? nothin done.. cept friday.. weird.. this weekend were clubber langin it eh? swedish.. should be fun.. ok.. i seriously need to do some work at school.. get out of my house.

"look at me! my eyebrows never move!"
-david duchovny-

February 03, 2002

HAZZAH!!! has anybody ever heard of the word HAZZAH? well for your information.. the word HAZZAH dates back to medeival times.. usually used by wizards and other magic users.. HAZZAH is an ancient spell which would shoot bubbles out of the wizard's fingertips.. it was not a very good spell.. which is why HAZZAH is rarely used.. alright.. enough of an introduction.. all of you already know that i juss made up all that hazzah shit.. i can't think right now.. i don't have any creative juices running in my brain.. it's like my brain is dry.. have you ever seen a dry brain.. NO!! but i swear my brain is dry.. like usually brain's are juicy and slimy and gross.. my brain is the complete opposite.. it would feel like ocean coral that's on display at a museum.. y'know.. all rock-like.. not very good.. so enough bout me.. let's get back to talking about me.. yah.. i've slept alot during this weekend.. it disturbs me.. i'm not really known to sleep lots.. and wes is fuckin bothering me right now with his talking about fear factor.. whatta guy i'm all trying to post on brokun mindz.. my first post in a fuckin long time.. and here he is.. yappin away.. how inconsiderate.. hahahahah i'm juss kidding.. seriously he's talkin to me again..shut up already.. i know new england won the superbowl.. geez.. like i need a fuckin recap.. oh slazer.. ok i'm kidding.. i don't mind wes talking.. it's all good.. *fuckin ass monkey interrupts my typing* oh i was juss think/typing there.. hahahah ok back to the post.. what was i talkin about.. oh yeah.. i slept lots this weekend.. like 24 hours worth.. that's 1/2 the weekend.. it's nasty.. i've wasted my weekend.. i was counting on watching a walk to remember this weekend.. cuz some of the girls were gonna watch it and i was gonna tag along.. i really wanted to see that movie.. the girls said they were gonna pay for my ticket.. well actually i bullied them into paying for it.. since i'm a huge bully.. i'm the bully of brokun mindz.. total BOBM!! if you switch the letters around you get LOTR.. hahaha no you don't.. you'd get BOMB and that's scary.. bombs are scary things.. well neways i didn't get to watch a walk to remember.. FUCKIN SHITTY.. the girls backed out at the last minute.. if they thought i was serious about making them pay for my ticket.. i was lying.. i have money.. not lots of money but enough to watch a movie.. ahhh well i guess that's it for my post.. just a bunch of bullshit cuz i can't think of anything better.. laterz

"i love eating left-over bits and pieces of chicken"
-wesley sayas

February 02, 2002

i'm at school...yeah, do you have your gun?...shoot my ass...hurry...what are you waiting for?...what the fug?...okay, i was kidding...don't shoot me...but i'm at school...BROKUN MINDZ!!!

"i'm goin to school...yes, it's a saturday"

February 01, 2002

you know what my absolute favorite thing in the world is?

yes it is.. as for dan.. he says he's in a creative slump to post.. whatever.. nelson's on here now.. a new team members.. but he hasnt tested the waters yet.. nels, if your reading this, do this man.. moshee motion i can see is intertia-ing on his page.. thats a weird site man.. crazy jazzed me out and i closed the window before i could browse because it was reminiscent of gay porn.. and nobody likes that.. so i never got to see who this hot girl is.. ok.. so i didnt do so well on marks quiz.. no prob.. they were curveball questions.. as for your broken heart mark.. buck up.. keep trying to implement the plan.. the plan must be excecuted.. ok.. its friday.. whats on tap for tonight.. i was at The Bay yesterday and i saw this cool cheap looking pitcher and the first thing that came to mind was filling it with beer.. cold beer.. and we'd drink from a glass.. that would be fun.. juss chillin at whosever's house and pour to our liver's content.. ok, man.. gotta quit browsing.. hafta ford focus.. k, screw y'all..

oh yeah.. forgot to mention.. i got a reply from the nexinator..


"the greatest trick the devil ever pulled, was convincing the world he didnt exist."

January 30, 2002

Congratulations, wescosis, you got three and a half out of 6. Looks like people and places aren't our thing... or is it not our thang?? Hmmm... Anyway, the one's you got wrong were:
PP - Trevor Kennedy and Chris "TOL" Pittman
SN - I'll give you a half a mark, because that could work, but the answer I was looking for was.... let it rest.
HIS - Nope. Russell Sayas and the Magnetic Chinese Checkers board game from Foxy Brown's Ill Na Na's.

Anyway, strangest thing happened to me. Me and Jennifer were at Wal-Mart (my sis, not my lecherous, abandoning ex), when two guys approached us and asked us if we knew about the joys and wonders of accepting Jesus into our hearts. Weird. Then he asked me what would I say to God if he asked me why I deserved to go to heaven. I told him because I tried to be a good person. He told me I just commited the greatest sin of all, worse than rape, worse than murder, worse than murder-rape, because I didn't say that '...because Jesus forgave me for all his sins'. Funny, I'm a big fan of Jesus, and my view of him is that he would rather see a person who was good and true and respected what he did go to heaven than some murdering rapist who happened to also "accept" Jesus. Then he tried to convince me otherwise by showing me a passage in the bible. Now, I'm not one to be sacreligious, but I think, and I could be wrong, but I think that if I was true to myself and my family, and tried as hard as I could to be a good person, that that would matter more to God than if I memorized the orders of a 3000 year old book written by men. That's my view at least. I'm one to think that our God is a loving God who judges us based on our merit and how well we lived our life, and not the vengeful and petty God that these two portrayed him to be, one who will forgive EVERYTHING AND ANYTHING we do solely because we say we accept him.

Happy anniversary to Mr. and Mrs. Sayas!!! May you continue to strike fear into the hearts of the wicked, and may you continue to rule upon the mortals with great mercy and vigor.

Hmmm, sorry about the God tirade up there, I just refuse to believe that God and Jesus would rather take in someone who kisses up to them over someone who lived a good life.

So, I was working the other day, and that guy from 7-11 came to my till with a bucket of nickels!!! And when he gave me the bucket, he goes, "...'elllo, 'elllo!!" Cool, huh? Okay, 'cause that didn't really happen. Be funny if it did, though.

As for the master plan, it has been scrapped until further notice. Ohh, my poor heart. Just kidding.

"I'm hotter than Carmen"
- Manny San Diego