January 30, 2002

Congratulations, wescosis, you got three and a half out of 6. Looks like people and places aren't our thing... or is it not our thang?? Hmmm... Anyway, the one's you got wrong were:
PP - Trevor Kennedy and Chris "TOL" Pittman
SN - I'll give you a half a mark, because that could work, but the answer I was looking for was.... let it rest.
HIS - Nope. Russell Sayas and the Magnetic Chinese Checkers board game from Foxy Brown's Ill Na Na's.

Anyway, strangest thing happened to me. Me and Jennifer were at Wal-Mart (my sis, not my lecherous, abandoning ex), when two guys approached us and asked us if we knew about the joys and wonders of accepting Jesus into our hearts. Weird. Then he asked me what would I say to God if he asked me why I deserved to go to heaven. I told him because I tried to be a good person. He told me I just commited the greatest sin of all, worse than rape, worse than murder, worse than murder-rape, because I didn't say that '...because Jesus forgave me for all his sins'. Funny, I'm a big fan of Jesus, and my view of him is that he would rather see a person who was good and true and respected what he did go to heaven than some murdering rapist who happened to also "accept" Jesus. Then he tried to convince me otherwise by showing me a passage in the bible. Now, I'm not one to be sacreligious, but I think, and I could be wrong, but I think that if I was true to myself and my family, and tried as hard as I could to be a good person, that that would matter more to God than if I memorized the orders of a 3000 year old book written by men. That's my view at least. I'm one to think that our God is a loving God who judges us based on our merit and how well we lived our life, and not the vengeful and petty God that these two portrayed him to be, one who will forgive EVERYTHING AND ANYTHING we do solely because we say we accept him.

Happy anniversary to Mr. and Mrs. Sayas!!! May you continue to strike fear into the hearts of the wicked, and may you continue to rule upon the mortals with great mercy and vigor.

Hmmm, sorry about the God tirade up there, I just refuse to believe that God and Jesus would rather take in someone who kisses up to them over someone who lived a good life.

So, I was working the other day, and that guy from 7-11 came to my till with a bucket of nickels!!! And when he gave me the bucket, he goes, "...'elllo, 'elllo!!" Cool, huh? Okay, 'cause that didn't really happen. Be funny if it did, though.

As for the master plan, it has been scrapped until further notice. Ohh, my poor heart. Just kidding.

"I'm hotter than Carmen"
- Manny San Diego
good job mark.. five out of six.. way to work.. as for the People and Places answer.. its Mr. Chronman performed by Twist and Taste.. and I'll Never Break Your Heart performed by Crisp and Taste in the back of crisp's car when we were dropping off jocelyn from zaxx.. oh the humanity..

Coastal's Card:
PP: Chronnie Cantootan and... hmm.. i dont know.. Tha Devious
SL: travelling, no out of bounds, and goal tending.. but cheating is a valid answer
SN: bang it
HIS: im not sure.. is the question Shoplifting? or Get caught shoplifting? if its the first one, then its everyone; if its the second one then its Mark Raymond Chua, stealing magazines from Eatons, Cosmopolitan..
AE: Lodi, Wescosis
WC: Nelson

markie post.. yeah.. she's hot.. she's 51 now though so thats kinda eeeesh..

i like that one girl from murphy brown who was on the Norm Show.. was was pretty hot too.. and she's only 37..
so yeah.. i was about to post today and crazy bash mark for not posting when all of a sudden i see his rant in blogger unpublished.. hey mark.. next time press Publish.. ok.. enough of this madness.. i gotta do some school work.. ok.. you caught me.. im checkin AA and Flipblogs.. lay off already..

-Carmen San Diego checkin me out-
Sweetness, Genus 6 West Wpg edition. I like it, even though I don't know if I can get all of them right, but I'll try:
PP - Harlem Heat re-mix and All Out of Love. And if they don't.... they fucking should!
SL - Cory Westside, Michael Veldkamp, Donny Allard and James the Goalie
SN - Chlorophyll? More like Borophyll!!!
H - 1995. Also the first full year we started hangin with deej.
AE - Up and Cummers 32
W - Crazy hot. But not as hot as Manny San Diego.

Markie Post. Now there's a hottie. The thoughts of her, John Laroquette, and Bull in a crazy three-way is just too hot for words. So hot it makes me never want to have sex again.

The 're-hash' is just telling you boys which attempt at posting on Brokun Mindz it was, just so you can feel my descent into madness and no longer being funny. As you can tell, the longer I went, the crappier the thought. Matterhorn Decker? What the Hell am I thinking? I deserve a shot in the face with a left-handed Captain America glove for that.

Hmmm, that Genus 6 made me want to think of my own questions for it. So here goes:

People and Places - Who were the two people involved in the infamous "car tire stomping"?
Sports and Leisure - Name three normally illegal basketball rules which are completely legal at Shaughnessy Park.
Science and Nature - If an electronic device is temporarily not working, what is the scientific way to fix it?
History - Who was the first TWC member to shoplift and what was it that they shoplifted?
Arts and Entertainment - Which TWC member had the monikers "Syxx" and "Slim" forced upon them?
Wildcard - What is Sakuraba's REAL first name?

Try them out, you'll like it.

Whatever happened to Danny's post?

"This alien looks just like a hot guy."
"Yeah, we better have sex with it."
- Dirty Work, during the screening of the major motion picture "Men In Black... who like to have sex with each other."

January 29, 2002

look what i got!!

cool eh? R we gonna go? i told him i'd spread the word.. not sure what area he's livin in now.. crazy stuff.. ok.. here's something i thought was funy even though its a crazy computer geek joke but its still kinda cool...

funny eh? ok.. so i was lookin at the FlipBlogs index and we're number 102 on the list.. thats awesome cuz there's like 350 sites.. sweet.. so you just gotta click Next 25 Members like 4 times and you see our site.. thats awesome.. as for deej, he isnt awesome cuz he was at my house yesterday N i walk over to the comp to check what he was doing N he's posting on blogger.. he even blocked it and shooed me away.. so im all, "cool, i'll read it at school the next day.." N where is it? exactly.. i even know the first word, it was, "HAZAAK!!".. yep.. thats deej for ya.. always leaves ya hangin.. hahaha.. kidding danon.. thats a cool name eh? Danon.. we have Yoplait and Danon..yoghurt friends.. ok.. enough.. shit i gotta do some schooling.. i hafta do this online tutorial about learning how to do an online tutorial.. lame-o i tell ya.. ok.. fuck ya'll..

"mine's bigger.."

January 28, 2002

defragging my comp: in completion by the time i get back from school
finish static exam: 79.0909%...with no studying...*sigh*
captain america left handed boxing glove: aquired

what do the following 3 indicate?...
i don't know...not much...just that i have a good day ahead of me to seriously do something with brokun-mindz...as for your genus 6 west wpg edition trivial pursuit game...it'll have to wait...mainly cuz i can't answer a majority of your questions...craps hey?...but in all seriousness...hahaha...uh...carmen sandiego...i guess she's hot...she has this aura of hotness under that hat that hid her face...and the trench coat that concealed her mysterious body...i think i have to say she's hot...cuz she's old...and we all know i don't think any jailbait's are hot now do we...uh-huh...oh crap...there i go again...

btw: good post mark...isn't there that actress marky post from night court?? eh
"zip-zap and i was outta there..."
-jamal from ghostwriter
awesome man.. that was a good post mark.. but im lost on the whole re-hash from post two thing.. but its still gangsta to read.. i dont know about the whole "soup" from the penis of a tiger.. thats like mangoo man.. hey mark, remember back in jr. high when we were all asking chicks, "hey, do you like man-goo?" N theyre all, "yeah.. mangos are a delicious treat." and we all laugh and laugh and roll on the floor clutching our cramped stomaches and they go off and have sex with some normal brained men.. ahhh, those were the days.. yep.. they were.. so yeah.. i got a confirmation email saying we were officially added to FlipBlogs so thats slazerific.. and mr. yoplait, the travel.to site is still working so we dont gotta change it.. unless ur willing to fork over the bucks so we can get a real domain name.. juss like everyone.. hmmm.. nah, forget it.. the poorman site makes us look hardcore.. we can still bust on here.. ok, lets play Trivia Pursuit: Genus 6 West Wpg Edition
ok.. here goes..
People and Places - Name two songs performed by members of TNT.

Sports and Leisure - Name 4 of the opposing players during the Weston Cup at the Fire Hall Arena.

Science and Nature - What is the correct (correct as in A.S. as B.M.) name for the the pigment found in plants, some algae, and some bacteria that gives them their green color and that absorbs the light necessary for photosynthesis.

History - What year did Jose run open gym?

Arts and Entertainment - Name a film starring Sean Michaels.

Wildcard - Is Carmen San Diego hot?

answers will be posted in.. whenever days..

"Aww crap, im dead."
-My suckerdude fish: Noname1-

January 27, 2002

Okay, blogger.com is REALLY pissing me off!!! This is my FOURTH attempt at posting something!!!! Everytime I try to post, they tell me I'm not logged on!! What the Hell? On top of that, some guy, who is most likely hideously deformed, decided to take the name Coastal, probably just before he started making out with another unattractive man. So, I'm here with a backup username on a site that keeps logging me out without even asking me first. So now, my eyes welling up with tears of rage, I present the thoughts swimming around in the newly brokun mind of RisingStar62.

Who was the bastard who took the username Coastal? Wherever you are, the rest of this post is dedicated to you. Here's hoping you get genital herpes. (re-hashed from post one)

No one can stop the Rams. No one. They're like the Matterhorn Decker of the NFL. (new)

If someone doesn't have sex for six months, can they still be called a whore? (re-hashed from post two)

I hate shitty desperate gamblers. Not normal ones. Shitty dumb ones. Like the guy who asked for 85 cents in nickels. Eighty-five fucking cents!! And it's not like he had three quarters and a dime. Nope, that would be a normal gambler. To be a shitty dumb gambler, you have to be like this guy, who had two quarters, three dimes, and one fucking nickel. (re-hashed from post one, but much much shorter and with much more swearing)

Speaking of tiger penis soup, is tiger penis soup:
(a) soup made with the penises of tigers
(b) 'soup' from the penises of tigers or
(c) tiger penises pureed into a soup-like concoction
... and which one would you rather have? (re-hashed from post two)

If Chunky's had tiger penis soup in a can, would they change their slogan from "Chunky's: The soup that eats like a meal" to "Chunky's: The soup containing the penises of an endangered species"? Because I, for one, think they should. (re-hashed from post two)

If aliens came down to earth, and they actually had swords that looked like my Alien Forces Special Sword, and they saw an 80's rock video, do you think they would try to play their swords? (new)

"When you go to college, you're not just going for yourself. Please support the UNCF. Because the mind is a terrible thing to waste."
- United Negro College Fund.

PS - If there was a United Caucasian College Fund, that provided scholarships to smart white people, and ONLY smart white people, wouldn't that be racist? So why isn't this?

Shoot, because of the post script, I have to think of another quote. Here goes:

"I ain't your pal, dickface!"
- Ray Jackson

January 25, 2002

i have a new friend for you (click here for your new friend)
just browing the whole random flipblog link...i wonder how many people accidentally clicked on us??...

oh yeah, anything goin down tonight?...it's a freakin' friday night...oh yeah...mezzo's on saturday??...

"it's friday night...and i feel alright..."
-montel jordan
i got an 84% on my system analysis exam!!! yahooo!!! its 10:16am and i am getting the heezy outta heezere... weekend commence.. but im not gonna be able to hang with you bro's till around when sleeps hits cuz i got a hot date to watch A Walk to Remember.. mandy moore... sexy little girl.. ok, enough perversion.. later panas..

ps. kristin kreuk... wow.. smallville's lana... she's darndedly nice on the left eye and the right nut.. befriending the wpg version? hmmm... now that, yoyo, is a walk to remember

"...uh.. yeah.... here we go..."
-dancing gabe-
filpblogs?...i can dig it...how did you find that madness wes?...i gotta hook myself with a membership...lotta nice sites within the ring...hola...reminds me that i still have to update the layout in here...if it wasn't for the countless hours spent on school...studying...and completing assignments...or basically sketchin', slackin' and chillaxin'...it would be done...yesss...i think we need to hook-up an email address, so people can reach us...and maybe some pics are in order...if there's any other ideas...hook it up, you know where to submit those answers that be brewin' in your "brokun-mindzzz".....yeah, just call me...j/p

till i befriend kristin kreuk (winnipeg version),
make mind brokun

"my face is soo disfigured..."
-tra the ufc master
check the link at the bottom.. sweet eh? FlipBlogs.. yep.. i took the liberty of signing us up.. u know. get us some exposure.. its cool too cuz now when im bored in class i can crazy browse their list of other flips with blogs.. pretty sweet. we are now part of a ring of fellowships.. true? make sense? whatever.. so yeah.. this is getting unfair.. i wanna read some sh!t that I havent written so deej, yoplait, NR.. do some damage on here.. im crying as we speak.. whatever.. so yeah.. flipblogs man.. flipbogs.. hahahah.. ok, take a shower ya dirty bastards..

"i cant breathe!!!"
-victim of a choke-hold-
Bobby Beers

January 24, 2002

LOTR!! that is Mister of the rings all in all forms.. kinda seems to LOTOR to me. Cept that LOTR loses an excess O.. but that is ok.. I do not force it. parlante of LOTR. that it is the movie that will consider today.. did him like my segway entire of LOTR to see the movie LOTR.. is hella skillful if you think about him.. is kinda as "whoa, he juss came outta to the left field with that segway".. I am to try juss the new things upon here.. to maintain the full brain and the empty one as.. so parlante of as.. I heard¿there is another segway.. of kickingAs.. to roll of im here.. he has seen already LOTR.. but I am ok.. I do not have incoveniente in consider again.. are 3 hours of cools.. I signify how is fault able it with having the RUDY original.. as a hobbit.. is sentacular.. or considering is specsational. they would be able to be both.. would be able to be wrong.. but how much does bet do him? does? the dollars.. or bet 6 play and bet only a toonie.. is his call.. juss remembers of singing "winnah large" when you roll the dice.. himself gauranteed good luck in the careers of horse.. barely some tips that wager for all here.. latez

[dan's pre-LOTR blog translated from english to spanish and back to english.. weird]
-master of disaster-
ok.. mark should be on this muvv in a heartbeat.. yep.. guess what i've been doing at school for the past 2 hours..

intAnswer = 0

thats some code for ya.. yep.. juss been browsin the hockey net N stuff.. so i see that gleneration next has a pending status.. thats cool.. we need some flare in this.. as for me, icy, gleamy, pinky diamond rings.. (what song? hint: dan's favorite rapper of all time) man im bored..ok.. im gonna write my exam now.. sambot u later..

"mexican chili? nooooooooo!!!"
-wes the weston crime stopper-

January 23, 2002

OMG...hahahahaha...thanks for the wake up call wes!...dang, for a minute i just thought you fucked up bilbo's face...then, when i was showing my classmate...it clicked to me, that it was another slazer production with your pic inserted in it...good job...nice way to face your fear of bilbo...by becoming one with it!...

"You see this cat Shaft is a bad mother--
(Shut your mouth)
But I'm talkin' about Shaft
(Then we can dig it)"
-Shaft aka Bilbo Baggins

10 hut!
Johann "The General" Generao

January 22, 2002

give me my precious ring.. give it to me!

Wesley "Bil-bored" Sayas

tsssss.... not even scary..

wes aka the bilbo stare-downer
hey dan, shut up.. bilbo my ass.. he's not even scary.. just creepy looking.. and fine.. since your so against it, im not like legolas.. happy? more like deadilus... minus hercules so that means i rule olympia.. and olympia equals winnipeg.. with my steel helmet.. but yeah, i didnt post today to talk about how tough i am so lets seee...... vanessa, vanessa, vanessa.. tsk tsk tsk.. fighting fighting.. its cool though.. that chick deserved it on the face.. and in the ass.. good job yoplait for the detective work and dont worry man, its ok you said i love you on the air a couple of nights ago.. dont worry, it was manly.. hhaha.. and besides, i felt pretty special getting that private show.. $3.95/minute eh? ahhhh the humanity.. ok.. go to hell guys.. go to hell..

"good job pretending you were scared when i did that face, wes. you made my day."
-bilbo baggins-
l33t phr33k - \//3$134 5@4@5
(im caught up on all the RealLife comics)

January 21, 2002

HOLY SMOKES!! whatta news flash.. good job Vanessa "the fat chick eliminator" Pelagio.. yup.. she's got fists of steel that girl.. don't fuck around cuz i'm friends with Vanessa.. so you want a piece of me.. you gotta get through Vanessa's fists.. step back son!!! step BAAAACCKK!!! YEAY-YEAY!!!!

i just wanted to post that..

ps: Wesley Sayas is not Legolas..

"Wes is like Legolas?? More like Wes is scared of my face!!"
-Bilbo Baggins-
Primary Underwater Astronaut- Danny Gonza
brokun-mindz news flash...

good morning ladies and gentlemen...fight last friday at the avenue?...my sources indicated that it was vanessa...so i gave her a call for an interview and she called back and came up with an explaination to what went down...
she was in the washroom...prolly pooing or something...and she started to walk out and there was a group of people arguing in front and some fat chick pushed her and said, "get out of my fuckin' way you bitch" and i don't recall if vanessa said anything but she said she was "mad"...and pushed her back...security or some spectators infiltrated the quarrel and took the big bounty and continued to escort her out of the club...but vanessa wasn't finished...and quickly took a swing at the woman, just barely hitting her face..."i hope i didn't look stupid doing it" replied vanessa...i was pleased and called her champion of the world...

well, there you have it...vanessa actually got into a fight before i did...*ugh* (vanessa styles)...i guess what i heard is true...i wish i got the chance to smoke a chick in the face...yeah!!!!

"pass me some free..."
-me asking for the free large drinking during the visual intake of LOTR

ranger yo
Good evening. I am Legolas. I am here to protect you. see? that so fits me.. legolas rules.. so does strider.. so does triple H.. i dont know about bilbo though cuz he's a little too frightening.. more frightening than those crazy hero orcs.. even scarier than that fire devil dude.. that wasnt as scary.. and we all know it.. saweeet!!! sheesh dan.. i cant believe thats your favorite saying.. ok.. enough.. it seems as though we have another team mate who has joined us making the Sirah Ulos a total of four so thats blogtastic. like four hobbits.. and if thats the case, i get to be frodo.. except minus the crying..

"i am so like wes."
Constable Wesley Sayas

January 19, 2002

LOTR!! that's Lord of the rings in short form.. it kinda looks like LOTOR to me.. cept that LOTR is missing an extra O.. but that's ok.. i'm not forcing it.. speaking of LOTR.. that's the movie we are going to view today.. did you like my whole segway from LOTR to seeing the movie LOTR.. it's hella clever if you think about it.. it's kinda like "whoa, he juss came outta left field with that segway".. i'm juss trying new things over here.. keeping the brain full and the ass empty.. so speaking of ass.. i heard that LOTR is kick-ass.. there's another segway.. from ass to kick-ass.. im rolling here.. i've already seen LOTR.. but it's ok.. i don't mind viewing it again.. it's 3 hours of cool.. i mean how can you go wrong with having the original RUDY.. as a hobbit.. it's sentacular.. or is it specsational.. it could be both.. i could be wrong.. but how much would you bet? would you bet 3 games and wager 5 dollars.. or bet 6 games and wager only a toonie.. it's your call.. juss remember to chant "big winnah" when you roll the dice.. it's gauranteed good luck at the horse races.. just some gambling tips for everybody here.. latez

"mutha fuckin royale with cheese"

January 17, 2002

i'm here? or am i? am i getting the respect i so devilishly deserve? are my pubics too long? are my smokes too short? do you like my new style? no shorts just gotchies clinging to jeans? some people like to count to a million, i would never do that, that's insanity! some plants are safe to eat and someplants if consumed make you hurl creamy snacks. now i wanna drop a little quote for this social genius we call blogger!

"my tapeworm tells me where to go,
serj tankian
yeah.. i figured the mind quotes were getting old.. that quote was from my text book.. thought it sounded smart.. i likesing your animated gif.. very slicky.. as for my skateboard trick it would have to be an ollie.. a regular ollie.. but here's the kicker... its 47 ollies in a row.. sweet.. thats my word.. that wu-tang song, are you talkin bout the one that goes, "grab your uzi's cuz the wu is back"? thats "called "uzi/pinky ring".. if its what your talking about.. i likesing that song too.. very hype.. very...

"i dream of genie with the light brown hair"
W-to the izz-E *** S-to the izz-L *** E-to the wizz-eye
*listens to wu-tang - resurrected*
^is that the name of the track??...

whoa...deejmatic is back...more like stillmatic...welcome back to the whole effin' show...glad to hear we're getting rusto and markus in the loop of things...i guess i'll get glenn hooked up and nelson too...then that's my 2...science fair?...i had a total of one silver and one gold in three years of madness in junior high...if i was doin a skateboard trick...it would be a christ air off the railing in the chicago warehouse...to windmill...urh?...holla when you update your page wes

wow, one of the, or maybe the first time there was a quote not involving "mind"

so dan the frying egg man is back town.. thats tote oss.. so, like my grade 8 science project partner, goldberg, once said, "who's next?" and who is? so far my ploy of putting a shortcut in my links on my home IE for all to see has stirred some curiosity.. Mr. Renegade is inquiring about an account.. Mr. Coastal is burning for one.. so i, as 1/3 of the administrators will provide.. sweet..so yoyo.. those are my guys.. i got 2.. so now u N dan need to get 2 on here.. prolly easy for you cuz u got flare.. i dont knw about dan though.. might get a skateboard trick up in here.. but that still would be cool.. k, enough.. im gonna update my page.. it needs revamping.. get out of my house.

"hard is simple, simple is hard."
AI Expert Group Member

January 16, 2002

oh my gosh.. DANNY!! remember that song? cept it was DANGER instead of DANNY.. i think my name sounds cooler neways.. so these ppl are starting to bring back the blogger.. can they do it.. sure they can.. but i can help too.. i don't have any multimedia skiils or nething.. but i like have tons of crazy fun.. and sure you can have it online.. but i'm talkin bout the real world.. and i rule.. i rule soo much.. hahahhaha i like typing too.. it's fun.. everything is fun.. everything is dandy in Danny camp... so bring it on.. i like to type.. i like to have fun.. it's the total package.. juss like lex.. ok that's enough..

you know what im gonna be doing? im gonna be posting up *.rm videos.. yeah.. thats what i'll do.. so far... here's a little sample of my multimedia skills.. dont ask me how i made it stream though.. i dont got the program anymore.. i forget what it was.. but i'll be sure to find out in the next 72 hours..

click here to watch me N deej.. tearin it up

mind yo business
shooter mcgavin
you're right...we should sell our bodies wes...i think deej would make a great cyber whoore...he hands down champs me out on pix...remember his "import" model pic?...or the jizztastic ice cum shot pic??...on the reals though...i think we should sell our mindz...it would crazy make people more interesting...my designing skillz...your use of the english language and deej's funny thoughts...cuz he's soo funny...i can't wait till he writes funny stuff...funny stuff rules...get mark to champ us out on speeches and such...nelson for his ufc \ pride \ street fight analysis...ronnie for his craziness...russ for his leadership...glenn for his mackidness...will for intimidation issues...does al still go online?...and get mike cuz he's ka-ruel...if we ever joined as one...we would be one fuckable member...

i'm thinking of including my radio show just for the hell of it...the new pop-up box...for goodness sakes...kidflare the movie is severly outdated...

"thinking with both sides of the mind \ brain :P"
yo the runaway bride
so yoplait.. are you gonna hook up the pituitary glenn with an account? do it man.. thatd be sweet.. but only me, you, N deej can be administrators cuz of the gangsta factor.. slick.. so RU gonna crazy change the layout to suit ur enhanced motion skills.. i would give my hand in this but we havent done any database programming with javascript or vbscript N plus, what the hell are you gonna need database programming for? unless we make an order form.. to sell stuff.. yeah.. we'll take credit cards and sell our bodies.. thats the way love goes.. hookering on the net.. whatever.. so yeah man.. we'll do that.. sell our bodies i mean.. k, keep postin.. peet ouce..

"my name is harminder surgeet"
no, its
clark dent

January 15, 2002

no look at me!! look at me!!...ga damn wes...what the hell is goin on?...another sesh on brokun mindz huh?...haha...true enough...something finally new to do at school...besides slack and sit and sleep...my 3 s's...get the deejster back on this mutha...cuz i get too bored at escuela too easy...comprende?...i have no idea if i even spelled those words correctly...i'm surprised i even remembered my user name and password for blogger...hmmm...yeah, it's due time to have some people swarming the mind again...you find some peeps to join in too...i'll try the same...maybe...i'll most likely be kickin them with my nike kicks size 10 1/2...but then again...those shoes are residing on some fucks feet from brandon manitoba...stupid stupid shoes...

"i don't mind and you don't matter!"
-perry saturn

look at me!! look at me!!! yes... do that.. well.. ive looked at AA, checked my mail, checked my friend's pages, even checked the stranger-peeps who saved me as a friend, even checked the runner ups for MOTW, even clicked on the peeps on the main page, man im bored, they dont got love in a 10 block radius anymore, nothin to read.. sheezy, lets do this.. just like deej in the previous, lets get the gears in motion.. come on yo.. tell flare to hop on here.. u guys cant be that busy at school can u? even get some other peeps to hop on here or sumpin.. u know.. get the ball rollin.. N if they piss us off.. we can kick em off.. sorta like training.. if theyre funny.. we'll keep em on.. if not.. 10 1/2 K-Swiss to the ass.. do it man.. do it.. serious.. brokun mindz.. it'll be awesome.. k, im gonna note u to read this blogger.. we'll get deej back on here too.. cuz we all know how funny that guy is.. dan.. if ur reading this.. your so funny.. i love it.. i love it to death.. so im gonna spread the word cuz bird bird bird, birds the word.. meet you on the level slide..

"spearmind gum"