April 30, 2002

well.. weather.ca is a taker-backer of statements.. yesterday i was prancing around all over claiming plus 28 degree weather this saturday.. spreading the joys of summer to everyone.. my post for today was supposed to be a gathering of warming harmony for, i dont know, burgers or something.. but nope.. weather.ca says its gonna be plus 13.. max.. no higher.. shitty dealers, man.. really.. and its partly cloudy, too.. how bullshit is that? slazer's not likin this one bit..

aside from that.. i will be reading a novel within the next month called "She Hates My Futon" by Craig Mitchell.. its funny.. ok, fuck off, im still madden2002'd by this weather.

-wpg birds-

April 23, 2002

yeah.. deej's party was nutso.. i think because of my body's vulnerabily during the battle of the alcoholic blood poisoning, i was invaded by some cold viruses that crazy messed up my master boot record and partition table.. yeah.. im sick too.. i was messed up galore.. lets just say i was waving goodbye to kat N myla and it went black from there.. woke up with my mom's scoldings while i clumsily try to sheild her from my fantastic uniform of gitch and barf.. yep.. the worst i've ever been and i dont intend on repeating that bullshit ever again.. shit, i dont even know how i ended up in just gitch.. and nick said i was wearing his pants at one point.. psychotic.. seriously guys.. thats the last of that.. i gotta be more responsible.. or at least get drunk to the point where i can still feel the urge to puke rather than leave the gates of vomit open with an 80 pound foot on a weak gas pedal.. now i know how ron felt when he pulled barf-sleep on deej's carpet.. im cleansed now though.. feel on top of my game.. k, takin off now.. gonna grab a beer.

"Half a cup in the first hole, one cup in the second."
-Fred from Logan Esso's Laundromat teaching me how to wash my soiled sheets-
ugh.. i have a sore throat.. that's the worst that's happened soo far from the aftermath of deej's party..
did everyone make it out alright?.. how was work wes?.. you missed out on quite a bit after you left.. i even missed out on a bit after i left..
did you guys do anything on sunday?..

"what the fuck is that??"
-deej pointing out someone's yak on the ground

April 17, 2002

snowing again.. lame a$$.. just a heads up to anyone up for some laughs: read chron's page.. hilarious tagalog text there..
as for this weekend.. deej is having a party to open up Summer 2002.. saturday.. drinks.. music.. laughter.. it should be slick.. ok.. get off me.

"Feb 5: too much sleep is weird"
-the frequently-updating deej-

April 12, 2002

hi.. im Link. im also gay.
wellness.. whats goin on? man, its gonna be nice out today.. just wanna give a shout out.. yes.. a shout out.. to the brave men and women venturing off into foreign territory.. foreign meaning north dakota.. so everyone, have fun.. and buy me something sweetin.. as for the stragglers.. what shall we do tonight? what shall we do? well.. i got work til 930.. after that im up for whatever cuz i got no work tomorrow.. yahhh!!!! so what'll it be? if you want me, girl, let me know.. i am down, on my knees, i cant take it anymore.. a little NSYNC tricksta for ya there.. ok.. i have an exam today and im thinkin its gonna suck balls hard.. hard balls.. false? true. ok.. get off my porch ya stupid kids.

"look at me.. im the sun.. im all shiney and warm.. i think im sooo cool.. look at me."
-my impersonation of the sun-

April 10, 2002

hmm.. interesting.. people actually do visit our page.. haha.. well.. thanks for the hits ladies..
now to attend to some matters of the mind.. it's brokun.. go fig.. hmmm.. well as of this afternoon.. i've fixed the ftp proplem.. stuck it to fortunecity.. and as for the new domain name.. it's bounce.to/bmz.. is everyone satisfied with that?..

cheery-yo to the rescue.. which also means.. a new re-launch of brokun-mindz..

"what the fark?.. cheery-yo?.. oooh.. cheery-yo!.. ah ha.. yeah.. cheerio.. cheery-yo.. sharkk!!!!!???"
-me this morning
wow.. AA's Wild Ninja comin at ya.. shit man.. i didnt even know peeps read BM.. totally.. so i actually volunteered to be the network administrator for a private school. three stories.. 50,000 square feet.. limited budget.. ok.. im half lying.. its a project and its due today.. well.. better do that.. hopefully cheery-yo fixes this travel.to business and that nasty ass banner.. ok.
get the fuck off.

-me at GT-
so i logged into AA today and saw that i had gotten another enty in my guestbook

here take a look see:

G_usher on Tue, Apr 09, 2002 @ 08:16 pm wrote:

i`m like a *bleep*ing fob.....a julio`s fob......a julio`s fob named gusher...

say that to my face!

totally ammusing eh!? hahahaha....

i have only one thing to say to you gushsack:


if you don't like it, get the fuck off our page!

"do you really want me to make you ugly"


April 03, 2002

guess what boys? we are in review.. at least i think so.. were on this thing called The Peer-to-Peer Project where you sign up your site and everyone reviews one random site.. so im reviewing this site called The K-Room aka the knowledge discovery room.. my review is pretty lame ass but im not into that kinda stuff anyway.. my review.. dont read it if you dont wanna get bored.. so guys.. its time to get wild and crazy.. too bad our profile pics are crazy nasty cuz supposedly were gonna get some serious exposure.. i wonder who's reviewing us.. hope theyre cool.. ok, enough of that..
so i replaced my bong revilla poster with the marker moustache and goatie with a new poster.. a one of a kind, authentic, marked with the LucasFilms trandmark and everything: Star Wars: Phantom Menace EPISODE 1 poster.. the one with little anikan and his darth shadow.. it was only 99cents.. sweet eh? no drawing on it allowed.. fuck off.

"brokun mindz is rivetting, captivating, provocative, sensual, and spell-bounding; the feel-good site of the year.. plus slazer is one sexy muffin."
-BM Reviewer-