March 29, 2002

you know what i love?

being totally sick and sporting my new cell phone mic, my special kleenex tissue nostril style and my super part hairstyle......damn am i styling or what........jeez......i'm like a fucking fob.....a julio's fob......a julio's fob named gusher...but anyways.....i digress

so yeah rex is a great theif, not only did he get me a mic, he also got me a matching car charger kit, a bag of doritos and some McSweeney's chocolate cupcakes...yummz.

hmm...i'm getting hungry.

-jay and silient bob strike back

March 27, 2002

holy ronner.. thats coolrazy.. that ricky martin wannabe should die.. totally.. im gonna kill him.. so you got a cell now eh? thats slick man.. hook us up with your number.. what kind of headset did rex steal? if it fits mine i'd buy it off him.. and ron.. stop fucking swearing like your on AA.. your free to no longer use your tricks of stealth profanity..
motherfuckin shit bitch shit.. come in my house NOW!

"all that she wants is another baby.."
-Richie Sambora-
Oh Wow. This mutha fùckah workz like a mutha suckah. Last time I tried this out I wrote for like half an hour and the shìt didn't work. So, I got discouraged and decided not to write on this fricking thing... until now. Well, I got a new cell, I had to go through serious bullshìt to get it. I saw Rex there and he stole a headset, and I didn't notice, apparently neither did that other guy that was working there. HE HAD US FOOLED!!! HA HA HA HA!!!! I hate people that say shìt only when they're with their jiggaz. I was playing VLT's and some fùcking prick says he hates people that play one credit on VLT's in a voice that he wanted me to hear. I have never spoke to this faggot in my life and he has the nerve to say that shìt. I was losing, so I played one credit I had less than 10 credits left, and he's saying that shit. What a fucking prick. GO BACK TO LISTENING TO YOUR MENUDO YOU RICKY MARTIN IMPERSONATING BASTARD!!!! CALLING ME A FAGGOT!!!! FUCK YOU AND YOUR FAKE CYPRESS CREW!!! WHERE ARE YOU NOW?!!! WHEN YOUR CREW ISN'T THERE YOU'RE A SILENT BITCH!!! I DON'T HAVE TO KICK YOUR ASS, WITH A MOUTH LIKE THAT I BET YOU'RE NOT LEAVING CENTERS ALIVE WITHOUT AN H.A. STOMPING THE FUCK OUT OF YOU.

So lesson to people that ain't shìt: don't say shìt if you aren't shìt, people that are shìt don't say anything unless they really have to.

March 21, 2002

mugatu?.. more like yogatu.. ooo.. what cha goin to do indeed.. hulkamania returns huh?.. is he all red and yellow?.. or does he remain black and white?.. what if there was hulk, the female version, as his valet.. will she be all "hey sista?!".. and have no breats?.. that would suck.. but it would be interesting.. what would be more interesting is if she did the female hulk electro-give-me-power-ups-guys manouver.. son-of-a.. that would totally kick ass.. i would laugh and laugh..

i dunno about the social myself.. never got tickets.. so i'm a no go.. no show as well.. i'm down for usb madness.. if you guys are goin between the hours of 1-3:30.. i know how to hang.. and people don't call me blohann for nothing.. shiiiieet.. but i'm broke doos..

"rrrraaaahhhhhh!!!!! (crazy colossus styles)"
-female hulk

ahhh mugatu.. what a character.. ahhh hogan.. what a character..
but enough of that.. on to the good stuff.. i decided long ago never to walk in anyone's shadow, so today me N mark are gonna hit up either Comp Ave or Comp Blvd for some USB compatibility cuz that is the greatest love of all.. tomorrow is friday.. i heard from Mr. Night Rider himself that there's a social gathering at some place where tickets are needed.. hooooooo... looks like im not going.. i get off work at 930.. woopity shit.. so today's my day off.. so far me N mark are doin that sweet stuff in the late aft so anyone who's anyone is free to join us.. its absolutely free.. it doesnt cost a thing.. free of charge.. unless you opt for combo #2: Hanging Out and Crazy Blowjob, then you gotta pay mark $4.50.. hazaow.. so until this aft i will be running errands to and fro.. k, get lost ya buncha creeps.


March 20, 2002

this is turning out to be a great year.. i'm still in awe of the return of HULKAMANIA.. i was in a slump for a long time.. i was missing something inside.. i didn't have anything to believe in.. and now.. HULKAMANIA RETURNS!!!! i've found the right track again.. i juss hope this isn't some sham.. where Hogan becomes evil again.. it'd crush my heart.. bring back the red and yellow.. ppl need something to rally behind.. Hulkamania is what the world needs right now.. we need the vitamins, the training, the prayers.. we need that crazy leg drop of his.. it's simple but it gets the job done.. BM is full of Hulkamaniacs.. so what you gonna do.. when BM runs wild on you!!! BROTHER!!

"Hey check out my new Mugatu hoodie!!"
Look at this... three posts, three people, three days. What is this world coming to? Three's the magic number man. Three's company, three blind mice, three amigos. Train, say your prayers, eat your vitamins. See, three more sweet things you should be doing. When I saw RAW, I so expected to hear, "When it comes crashing down and it hurts inside..." But NO!! DENIED!! Fuck yellow and red, Hulkamania doesn't truly return until we hear "Real American" again. 'Cause when you hurt my friends, then you hurt my pride/ I gotta be a man, I can't let it slide!!!! Shit, Hogan rules the world. The Immortal One. The Hulkster. Whatcha gonna do when Hulkamania runs wild on you? Sweet.

Something NOT sweet was the denial of my work. Instead of being able to see Wrestlemania X8, I had to work. That's fucked. What sucks ass is why I was working. They moved me from a Saturday shift in the cage to a Sunday shift in Booth 5. This is like going from being the head of lightbulb operations on a day you want to work to Mr. Slave on the absolute worst possible day to work. What does a head of lightbulb operations do? He sits in a chair, and watches the ceiling to make sure all the lights are working. Then, if one doesn't, he calls someone to bring a ladder, and then orders someone else to change it. For McDonald boys, it's like being the manager who does dick, and having that shift changed to brower. Fucking work. Well, at least I got paid well for it.

March 19, 2002

yowza!! danny alianza gonza... pressing the buttons on his alphabet apparatus.. thats totally weird.. but i think whats weird is his wish come true of Ear-Cupping, Back-Raking, Electric-Energy-Boosting Hogan WWFing it in the... uh.. WWF.. so thats weird.. im always prowlin BM to find posts to read and i finally have the leisure to do so.. how dreamy.. so Hardball's good? sweep.. i always wanted to watch it.. does Keanu Reeves do air guitar? i hope so cuz he has the sweetest air guitar ever.. does he yell, "Flying V!!" with hand megaphone featuring pinky wiggles? hope so cuz you cant play baseball without that strateej.. in case you dont know.. the flying V in baseball is executed when your team is on defense and your up against a crazy heavy hitter.. the secret code is yelled, "Flying V!!" and everyone except the pitcher runs to the centre field wall for a huddle.. then when the pitch is thrown everyone runs forward.. in V formation and then they lose.. thats the flying V and im stickin to it. go chase some waterfalls ya TLC lovin bastards.

"Flying V!!"
-deej in sex mode-

March 18, 2002

What's crappenin'?? holee.. march 7th? that was the last update?.. well looks like i'm gonna have to change that.. well it's one day past st. patrick's day.. wrestlemania X8 is done.. and were back to the work/school week.. what's new with everybody?.. i've spent the past couple weeks watching movies.. juss yesterday i watched the movie Hardball.. starring keanu reeves.. i thought it was gonna be a really craptastic movie.. but it turned out to be a big thumbs up!! i suggest you rent this movie.. i rank hardball among the ranks of save the last dance.. so guys.. read this post.. rent the movie.. feel the electricity!!

- Lou Gonza

March 07, 2002

shoot yoyo.. i feel ya.. i havent been on BM or AA cuz of skoolage.. yesterday i foine-ally finished my VisualBasic-Access project.. crazy long.. but yeah.. alls i got left is an exam today and i start a new subject.. sweden..
as far as work goes.. its crazy taking up a lot of my extra time that i had in the unemployed era.. i bought a new 40G HD and installed it any everything and its going sweet but im all puttin in my copy of bootleg w98 and its at the part where it checks your plug N play and stuff and boom.. Missing IDCTRU.dll or something or other.. fagtastic.. so my home comps down at the moment.. today i get a day off so i can spend more time on it..
if anyone can let me borrow their windows setup disk i would greatly slaze the roof..
oh, guess what else? yesterday me N kat were downtown chillin after school cuz i had work at three so we had like 2 hours to do whatever.. were walkin around and shit and we stop by at that picture enlarging poster place.. you know.. the one that makes poster.. so im all trying to talk to him about what kind of pic he needs if we supply him with a graphic and he just prints it.. lets say if yoyo-ball, gleneration, or wild-nele put their color schematics to work and make like a cool crew poster.. so yeah.. he's all as long as its a tif file 300 dpi and around 8 x 10 or smaller.. N im all cool.. and he's all k, guys.. lets go out in the hall.. stand right there.. good.. *click**click* with his digital cam.. then he's all lets go inside.. so were watching him and im thinkin ok.. ive seen a digi cam already.. so he's showing us the pictures on his mac talkin about how its sweeter than PCs and he's eating his words with crashes and non-double selects, whatever, and he puts the pic on zip.. hops over to the pc he has.. disses PCs some more and then boom, says watch this.. and clicks print.. holy shiznitto he prints this gigantic pic of me and kat.. its huge.. its almost lifesize.. so yeah.. peeps are stopping in the window to see the pic and he's all.. YEP, THATS THESE GUYS! and were all embarassed.. he gave us the giant pic after and printed a smaller one the size of a portfolio but he never gave us that one either.. hope he throws that one out.. so yeah.. thats my crazy story. pretty sweet eh? so yeah.. i gotta do some last minute exam studying.. hope i do good cuz my project wyze was pretty half-assed.. ok.. next.

"im a giant fan of mandy moore.. she's sexy.. sexy enough to sex... but not if ur in a long term relationship cuz thats cheating.. but she's still sexy.. mandy moore: young and sexy and sexy"

March 06, 2002

me: hey everybody..
you: hi bmz member yo..
me: i'm here to post on brokun mindz today.. isn't it exciting?.. yeah, it's been a while.. too much work to be done in school.. seriously..
here's a story about my flash project.. i saved up 2 weeks of work-time to cram it all on sunday.. and you know what?.. it sucked.. sucked bad.. cuz i did it at home.. and i had to make sure that i got it to school.. so i sent it via e-mail.. i also quickly burned a one song cd.. so i can lace my project with music.. i was goin towards the x-ecutioners feat linkin park track it's goin down.. but i found out that my cd was burned wrong.. so i was burnt.. i got more burnted when i went into my email to find out i attached the .swf file instead of the raw .fla file.. so that made me the burntest.. that fuckin ruled man.. but that made me sick.. i just sat there thinking about what i should do shaking my head.. after a quick class lecture.. i said eff that.. and i continued to work on a new flash project.. and it took me from 9:30am - 1:00pm to complete.. i'm satisfied.. but it could have been better.. hahaha.. ended up using limp bizkit feat redman, method man, and dmx - rollin' remix.. i just sat there laughing.. ah well, i'm finally done all the stressin for now.. now it's time to post on bmz everyday.. ooo.. maybe not.. what are you guys up to?.. did everyone watch "a walk to remember?".. i finally did!.. really good movie.. does anyone else have that mandy moore track only hope stuck in their heads?.. it was seriously filmed beautifully when she sang it.. i'm starting to be a mandy moore fan.. am i the only one?.. hahaha.. ah well..

"make mind brokun" [stan lee styles]
- stan lee - fictional member of brokun-mindz