January 27, 2010

Powerhouse Studios dotCA

What up fools balls? Me and Glenn had the craziest foozeball game yesterday. It's rare that I ever beat him, cuz he's hardcore at fooz, but yep yep yep, i won.

We play best-of-three. Here are the scores:
Game 1
Wes: 9
Glenn: 8
Game 2
Wes: 0
Glenn: 9
Game 3
Wes: 9
Glenn: 8

As you can see, he shut me out in game 2. That doesn't happen too too often, not like back in the day, but it does still happen. Me winning the series doesn't cancel out his shut-out, but it takes away from it a little, i think.
So I brought up the foozeball game because the first thing I typed was "What up fools", and fools rhymes with fooz. No one really posts on here, so I was kinda strapped with the words. I don't even know why I'm posting on here, cuz I can see the tumble weeds and hear the blowing prairie winds and the crickets chirping up in this, but I figured the readers might be ready to read some readings already. Plus it's Work Wednesdays anyhoot.
PHS is going on. Someone recently posted "hello?". I love those posts, cuz it shows how confused people are when they land on it. Lately it's been a video embedding page. I heard there's a new layout. Who knows when fruition will take place. dotPH is one of the latest additions to the PHRoll. It's going to be an independant, filipino driven, x-rated site. And PHouse is down at the moment. I gotta make it cross-browser compatible.
Anyway, that's the news and I'm sticking to it.
Peace on planet earth. Don't be racist.