May 28, 2002

this is pretty funny
for being gay looking sanrio stuff. im bored at school and judging by the atmosphere's appearance, i doubt were hitting the park today.. suck it, weather. suck it.

"no, you suck it. what a jerk."

May 25, 2002

You can consider the death of the dog verified. Saddest part? His last match was in Winnipeg.

So I read that guys review, and I thought I'd write a review of his review:

"Chuck Hartley is a reviewer with the Peer2Peer project. The host of his own site, the paradoxical sounding "Organized Anarchy", he starts off well, speaking positively on some of the site's specific posters. Unfortunately, it does seem to go downhill from there. The piece, while well-written, seemed to have it's own contradictions, or, if you will, turned into to a state of Organized Anarchy. He would contradict himself in saying that he would focus on the positives of the site, but then unveiled a laundry list of complaints. Some, of course, were absolutely valid, while others, specifically the complaint on the pop-up, were a bit rash. It SHOULD be mentioned somewhere on the page that not only are we "seven dudes from Winnipeg", but that we're "seven extremely poor dudes from Winnipeg with no money." So poor, in fact, that I can't just call us extremely poor, but that I also have to remind you at the end of the sentence that we have no money. Hell, clothes are a luxury. A site with no pop-ups is a fucking pipe dream. But overall, the piece was very well-written, and (hopefully) gave our moderators and designers something to think about in terms of improving our site. And believe me, all the feedback we get is appreciated. But, sadly, I'm inflicted with a disease that forces me to take any compliments I get and kick that compliment in the ass. With spiked sandals."

Yo likes the kid simply because he turns into Boba Fett. At least I hope that's why he likes him, and not because of his face, which is kinda ugly in that ugly sort of way. It's like when we saw Episode One and liked Jake Lloyd because we knew he'd become Darth Vader. It's not like he could act. "Let's try spinning, that's a good trick!!" I swear, when he said that, I had to repeat "He becomes Darth Vader, he becomes Darth Vader" like 8 times to stop myself from throwing the remote at the television. Or like how I like Jar Jar Binks because...

Look, it is my opinion that if you do something extremely stupid, you deserve to be laughed at. If your face is contorted, whether controllable or not, you deserve to be laughed at. If you have both a penis and large titties, you deserve to be laughed at. So I don't think you have anything to feel bad about, slay. That's a rule. If I had man-boobs and walked past someone who was laughing, I'd be like, "It's my titties, isn't it?" And if he said yeah, I'd be "Okay, fair enough." It's my fault for having titties. It's my fault for making/having this face. It's my fault for spilling a 2leets of 7up all over myself on a bus when two hot white girls are looking at us. So then I have to concede that I will be laughed at.

So, being single has it's upsides, but it also has it's downsides. Take last night. Everyone had someone to hang with all the time. You hang with the guys, then, if they're off doing something else, there's your girl. Or hang with your girl, if she's doing girly things with the other girls, you can hang with the guys. See, there were times I was roaming Lyn's house looking for someone to chill with. I found it most of the time. But the loneliness still lingers. "Alone? Is it me your looking for?" Wait, that's Hello, not Alone!! Dammit Lionel Richie, you've done it to me again!!

May 24, 2002

holy smokes.. a post from yo.. a post from mark.. thats downright loony i tell ya.. whats with all this wrestler-darkside business? thats weird.. speaking of wrestling, some guy from work told me that The British Bulldog died a couple days ago via a heart attack.. not sure if he's lying to me.. can someone please verify? BBD was awesome.. his super move of the the really hard power slam.. and he was effin huge.. a little too huge for comfort.. and if the rumors are true, then rest in peace bulldog.. end if..
dan was working yesterday and man, its weird cuz we always end up laughing at the same time like in the lunchroom or something cuz were the only ones who know whats funny to us.. observational funny.. like someone who has a weird face, or someone who stinks.. you guys know what im talking about.. your all at work by yourself.. chillin out.. then something funny happens and you crack up hardcore in your brain.. silently.. then you go home and tell your friends cuz it makes sense to them.. but man.. i feel like were a buncha jerks that laugh at everyone and everything out of nowhere.. or we have this hidden agenda or something.. there is no hidden agenda.. there is know visible agenda either.. its just if you spill the apple pie that your eating with your hands all over your shirt, well, your bound to get some laughs.. especially from a couple of guys that routinely laugh at that sort of thing..
oh shit.. i forgot to post this on here.. i was meaning to do it once this BM drought got rained on and here we are now.. so Brokun Mindz was reviewed.. by some guy named Chuck Hartly who hosts Organized Anarchy.. so here's his review.. he seems to love mark and his fantastic writing ability.. i wanna sign us up for P2P:part II.. maybe we can jazz this site up some more.. k, i gotta do some serious reading.. then i gotta do some schoolwork.. hazaah.. see ya'll punks later.. its the WEEKEND!!! toodles..

"hi.. im yoyo's favorite Attack character.. oh yes.. yes i am.."
-this stupid kid-

i cant believe you thought he was cool

May 23, 2002

how in the world did you find flexy lexy through rowdy girl mark?.. haha.. strange things in stranger places..
so yes, we reaped in the rewards that is star wars episode 2: attack of the clones last week.. wow.. i'm actually talking about it after how long?.. anyway.. i'll take yoda over hulkamania anyday.. like i've been saying.. yo who?.. it's all about yoda..

you'd think his force is a synch for the jedi master.. you know, to push away the fallen jedi from the column would be of help.. but he's such a bad ass.. and had to center his force to move the column slowy away instead.. and away from count dooku's get-away ship i might add.. what a bad ass.. bad ass!

anakin had his moments.. like kissing sexal padme.. and landing on top of her with his light saber if you know what i'm saying.. yeah.. but we can't forget about lucas' genius memory.. how he gave the same crap hand to anakin like darth vader, instead of a more modernized version for show.. stuck to his roots boy.. speaking of boy.. boy i haven't wrote here in quite sometime.. oh boy.. boy.. oh boy.. camron

i introduce to you.. darth glacidius..

and his indestructable sithronic kick

"anakin who?.. it's all about darth glacidius baby.. woot woot"
-janga and boba fett <-- stupid stupid boy clone

May 17, 2002

What's on tap for tonight, boys? I just got home from work, and I need to know whatcha gonna do. Saw Smackdown last night, and the crowd gave the Hulkster a 7 minute standing ovation. Hogan was crying. It was a pretty sentimental moment. Then he got on the mic, talking about how this was his dream world, and how he never wanted to wake up. Then, out of nowhere's-ville, he started talking about 9-11. It was kinda weird, like he was so overwhelmed by the applause that he started rambling incoherently. Then again, he is a Real American. And he'll fight for the rights of every man. When you hurt his friends, then you hurt his pride. Wow, Osama better hope that USA doesn't let Hulkamania run wild on Afghanistan, or else it's game over.

Can't wait for Attack of the Clones, man. Can't wait. Hearing Anakin's response to the comment, "You're NOT all-powerful" freaked me right out. In case you haven't seen the commercial, his response was, "Well I should be." Uh-oh. I'd think he was a lame-o trying to act tough if I didn't know he'd turn out to be Darth Vader. So the new Darth is Darth Tyrannus. So there's Darth Vader, Darth Maul, Darth Tyrannus. I already know what's gonna be on tap for Episode III. Yep, the natural progression to:

Darth Narcissist!!! Master of the Torture Rack! The force is strong in this one...

"Bring me Darth Narcissist.."
- Emperor Palpatine

May 16, 2002


yeah.. i cant watch it today cuz i have work tonight.. tomorrow i got work til 930.. hopefully u guys are sweet enough to wait til late to see it so i can tag.. come on.. doooo it..its the coolest..

"my people are dying senator."
-Natalie Sex Portman-

May 09, 2002

Wow, when was the last time I posted here? Son of a gitch it's been too long. So I have three straight days off, and those three days will be filled with fun, laughter and most likely absolute fucking boredom. But I did rent a tension breaker in the form of JET SET RADIO FUTURE!!! What a sexy game!!! I will NEVER, and I repeat NEVER doubt your word ever again Nelly!! And if I do, you can use this to cite precedence to make me not doubt your word. Jet Set Radio Future rules my world. If I hadn't already bought ESPN International Winter Sports and Genma Onimusha, I would so buy JSRF. It's got a crazy wicked soundtrack. So wicked it almost makes me want to listen to house beats all the time. But we'll let time deal with that.

So isn't this weather craptacular. I'm looking outside and I see the streets covered in snow. And just 31 hours ago, I was rollerblading outside. Fucking rollerblading!! I was all JSRF-style, grinding over benches and telephone poles and then now it's all snowing? WTF?!? May? Snow? With such confusion don't it make you wanna scream? Yeah, Michael and Janet. I remember when me, Wes, and David Kidd were at my house and we paused it at the part when Janet Jackson grabbed her titties and we left it there for like 20 minutes. Then we had to go to practise so I turned off the tv and forgot about it. When I got back it was still there. Sexy.

While we're (well, while I'm) on the topic of video games, check out this guy:

Pretty evil looking, huh? This is Project Ego, another fantastic game I'm pretty psyched about. So I've heard the level of detail is so crazy in this game, that if you decide to become a good guy hero instead of the sadistic raping motherfucker shown above, when you return to your hometown you're so loved that KIDS ARE COPYING YOUR FUCKING HAIRSTYLE!!! WTF!?! Madness! That's so crazy it's goes beyond 'not even funny' anymore. Mike Bullard is 'not even funny'. This is fucking insanity.

Okay, time for me to bizzounce. Wha? I've never used that word before! Shit. You know what I wish? I wish to hear this one day:

"The winner, and NEW World Wrestling Undisputed Champion...."

"The Master of the Toture Rack... LEX LUGER!!!!"

That would be a perfect world. No snow in May, and the belt on Luger.

"Who's the champ?"
- Lex Luger