July 29, 2002

thats funny nelson.. i was listening to it at school.. getting rave reviews from my classmates.. sweet.. the one with ron's kaibigan ko song is hilarious..
speaking of hilarious, its long weekend this weekend and were going camping.. im booked off, russ is booked off, not sure who else is down.. lots of camp sites are booked solid already but i talked to the birds hill park people via electronic mail and i might be able to get us two sites.. so yeah, if your reading this, and by you i mean nelson because your the only who posts on here, give your input on the whole birds hill idea and let the brokuns know if your going.. k, im going to eat some shrimp.. SHRIMP!!!!!

-wes' shrimp-

July 27, 2002

i posted the wav files from marks party online......click it!!

markus you sing like an angel

this is funny:

"it's getting cold in here, so put on all your clothes.....i am getting too cold i'm gunna put my parka on"
-nelly [ronnie chua remix]

July 26, 2002

thanks nelson.. my loneliness was killing me, britney-style.. those are some pretty sweet pics from marks party.. plugged it on my page.. now everyone should bring their cams tonight for some royal forkage.. if anyone is in the dark on this one, im flashing my slazerbeam at ya with some information.. royal forks tonight.. eating.. then whatever we do is whatever we do.. sweet? alright.. ok.. hahaha dicks enormous.. i get it.. good one.. k, see ya guys tonight.. the guy at the computer on the right side of me told me its going to be plus 30 so lets make the most of it.. k, buzz off.

"the name's sayas... wesley sayas"
-wesley sayas-

July 25, 2002

ha...look who's back

newayz...this is gonna be super short

Party Pics

and that's it.....

"my name is normous......dixie normous"
-dixie normous

July 15, 2002

To: The BM Staff
Subject: Beach Wednesday
From: Slazer 2000

hi guys.. this is slazer.. you know, the man with a brokun mind.. anyway, as you can see from the subject line there's supposed talk about some beach hits on wednesday morning.. weird eh? selkirk to be exact.. some girls planned this whole thing.. so far me N deej are going.. thats all i know.. anyone wanna sama (come along)? it'll be sweeter than jerry and ben.. plus 30, no clouds, not sure if there's gonna be any babes but who knows? its wednesday for pete's sake.. i heard wednesdays make chicks very very randy.. thats all.. yep.. thats my post.. a mock email simulation.. ok.. fuck off it.

"i was at home, now im here.."
-mark the slickster who uses movie-like lines to get chicks chua-

July 02, 2002

the beach was hilarious.. i actually got some sunburn for the very first time in my human life.. you know the canada tattoo? yep.. i washed it away and i now have a square of my previous colour on my arm.. it looks pretty cool.. ok.. brokun mindz is the best..

"wes, your so daaaark."
-Rex N.-