January 29, 2003

it's 12:36 in the am on my end.. and i'm insanely bored as well.. and i'm stuck with two browsers at the moment as well.. wow.. look at this.. me on bmz and another on hotmail, requesting my password for blogger.. err.. soo much for surprising wes.. it is 2003.. what happened to us?.. too old for the net?.. too old that we have fixed mindz?.. here's the list of things i'm working on:

­• postage on this site.. check.. but still goin to remind mark to use that laptop of his to post as well..
• don't even get me started on this layout.. cuz there's none!.. we should get something done about this.. there's the msn conference!.. check
• i guess we'll talk about it soon..
• oh.. the fun's just begun.. no it hasn't..

wow.. i actually posted on bmz.. sucks to be YOU!

"yo.. yao says:
son of a gitch
yo.. yao says:
i forgot my username for blogger
yo.. yao says:
and i was goin to surprise you with a post
chron trigga says:
really? hold up..
chron trigga says:
u used heatsteady@hotmail.com
yo.. yao says:
i did.. do you know my username?
chron trigga says:
chron trigga says:
it doesnt tell me that part.."
chron trigga = wes
yo.. yao = me

once again.. thanks wes

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