March 31, 2011

Brokun Mindz 10 Year Anniversary

"breaker breaker 1-9..."

What a great way to start a blog.. 10 years ago! I can't be believe it's officially 10 years since we started Brokun Mindz as of March 27, 2001. We initially used it as a way of keeping in contact with each other and just type out random messages. Through the years I remember seeing photos posted such as Wes' Bilbo Baggins animated .gif, video blogs (vlogs) by Danny, and me discussing Glenn's Kidflare account getting hacked and removed from Asian Avenue then succeed to get him reinstated.

Do you guys have any memories to share on here? Still unbelievable to see our footprint on the internet and how it has changed since 2001.

"I wonder if there'll be ICQ on cell phones"
-Johann 2007

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